Yes, It’s Possible: Accurately Measuring Incrementality in Affiliate

Jan 7, 2020
Written by CJ

Not long ago, measuring the incrementality of digital sales was more theoretical than practical. Requiring complicated A/B testing, or the risky step of pausing advertising and investment, incrementality has befuddled marketers for decades.

In this CJU19 session, we debuted CJ’s latest findings on affiliate channel incrementality and dove further into how our powerful state-of-the-art audience insights can create a highly accurate view of customer behaviors when they engage with affiliate sites (versus when they don’t) to achieve an expression of affiliate’s incrementality.

Watch this video to learn more about the background and methodology for our groundbreaking whitepaper on a Study of Affiliate Incrementality, as well as how to share these findings to make the case for a greater percentage of your company’s digital marketing budget.

In this video:
Josh Peterson, Director of Data Science & Analytics at CJ Affiliate and Hayley Silver, Group VP, Corporate Development at CJ Affiliate

Want to find out more about the value of affiliate customers?

Download your copy of the largest affiliate incrementality study ever conducted, which reveals that affiliate customers boast:

  • 46% higher shopper to customer conversion
  • 29% higher spend per customer
  • 88% higher revenue per shopper



CJU19 was held on September 9-12, 2019 in Santa Barbara, CA. To learn more about CJU, visit

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