Measuring Affiliate Customer Value. The What. The Why. The ROI.

Nov 7, 2019
Written by Richard Burns

Watch the video of our highly attended session, filmed at PI Live 2019 in London, for insight into understanding and measuring affiliate customer value.

Did the affiliate drive the sale, or did the likelihood of the sale drive the affiliate? This is the question that customer-centric measurement aims to solve. Moving away from cookies and last click to an approach that instead considers customer impact brings clarity into the real value of each partner.

Truthfully, the affiliate industry should have been measuring based on customers long ago. Assuming the measurement method is accurate, it’s the fairest way to gauge the value each publisher brings to an affiliate partnership. However, thanks to both the complexities in affiliate relationships and technology limitations in implementing customer measurement, this approach has only become a possibility for advertisers in recent years.


Watch this talk to find out:

  • What customer value means for the affiliate channel.
  • Why affiliate Advertisers need to understand how to leverage customer value.
  • How to show the value of the affiliate channel and its customers to the CMO level and beyond.


In this video: Blair Birmingham, Account Director at CJ and Siobhan Williamson, Business Operations Director at CJ 


Want to find out more about the value of affiliate customers?

Download your copy of the largest affiliate incrementality study ever conducted, which reveals that affiliate customers boast:

  • 46% higher shopper to customer conversion.
  • 29% higher spend per customer.
  • 88% higher revenue per shopper.
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Affiliate Customer Insights

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