25 Women at CJ Affiliate on Who Inspires Them, Being a Mentor, & Speaking Up at Work

Mar 8, 2019
Written by CJ

In honor of International Women's Day, we interviewed 25 women across CJ Affiliate's global offices about what they're most proud of at work, the career advice they would give to other women, and the women who inspire them most. 


On What Makes Us Proud at Work

That I am able to influence budgets and marketing plans of large corporations across the country. Some days you have to remind yourself who you are working with and that in itself is a pretty big accomplishment. -- Ashley Hardy, Account Manager, Santa Barbara, CA

Being financially independent which allows me to make decisions on my own. -- Sarika Ashok Dahibhate, Sr. Advertiser Development Ops Analyst, Bengaluru India

I am proud to be able to contribute to sourcing and hiring the best talent for CJ that in turn makes a true impact on the overall success of our business! I am also proud to work at a company that recognizes individuals for the differences they make on a daily basis. -- Dawn Tice, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Westborough, MA

Being brave enough to venture into a field (affiliate marketing) that isn't as well known in SA as it is in the rest of the world, and thoroughly loving it. -- Belinda Peters, Account Manager, Durban, South Africa

Being shortlisted for Industry Rising Star at the 2019 Performance Marketing Awards. -- Emily Mennie, Account Manager, London UK

Helping women, whether they’re new to the business world or veterans, find their voice and confidence to succeed. -- Nele Sharp, Director, Global Publisher Development, New York, NY


On Being True to Yourself and Personal Growth

As your work and personal lives evolve, your commitments to your family, community, and work require more of your attention and time. A solid work ethic and knowing what’s important will provide you the guidance that you need. Take on challenges outside of work that make you think a little differently. Also, don't let work get in the way of big decisions that will make you happy. -- Kate Fialky, Director, Advertiser Development, Westborough, MA

Invest in personal development as it will transcend into every area of your life, especially your career. Consuming motivational podcasts, books or documentaries will encourage you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and empower the best kind of change: growth. -- Corinne Travis, Sr. Manager, Influencer Marketing, Westborough, MA

Never shy away from a challenge in the workplace, it opens doors to learning new skills, gaining amazing experience and making your mark in the workplace. -- Belinda Peters, Account Manager, Durban, South Africa

Really think about what motivates you at work. Is it money? Recognition? Personal fulfillment? Helping people? I had a manager ask me that once and I was surprised that I had never even thought about it before--it was eye opening. Your answer to that question should drive the work you choose for yourself and is what will ultimately bring you happiness in your career. -- Zoë Pedziwiatr, Associate Content Marketing Manager, Santa Barbara, CA

Always try to challenge yourself and learn new things on your way to reaching your goals. Believe in yourself even when others don't and work hard. Don't turn something down simply because you didn't get your dream job right off the bat, take a chance and push yourself. By being open to diversifying your knowledge and you skills, you'll be one step closer to taking the world by storm. -- Liane Soto Account Representative, Chicago, IL

Take charge of your career, you are responsible for your growth and development. Choose to be a leader, regardless of your position. Take pride in every little thing you do, and you will find that perfection, pride and passion will follow. -- Rosanne Govender, Account Manager, Durban, South Africa

Advice that I received from a manager: "Learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable." -- Lika Walker, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Santa Barbara, CA


On Finding Mentors and Being a Leader

Find a mentor/ally that "sees" you and will help you through moments of self-doubt. Be that person for others.  -- Sommer Urias, Director, Advertiser Development, Santa Barbara, CA

Make sure you surround yourself with others who will support you in words and deeds in your desire to achieve your goals. -- Heather Pilat, VP, Finance, Westborough, MA

Support other women and yourself. Believe in you, be kind to yourself and don’t apologize for being awesome.  -- Vanessa Brink, Associate Account Manager, Westborough, MA

You can have it all! Push through barriers and past perceived limitations. Lift each other up because when your colleagues succeed, everyone does. -- Keira Lim, Director, Advertiser Development, New York, NY


On Speaking Up

Never be afraid to ask questions, you will never get the opportunities if you don't ask the questions - the worst that you will be told is no. -- Emily Mennie, Account Manager, London, UK

Challenge Everything… just remember to hear the opinions of others. -- Siobhan Williamson, Business Operations Director, London, UK

Give yourself permission to speak up. Your knowledge and opinions are important so push yourself to have a voice and trust in your own ability. -- Nicole Ron, VP, Marketing, Product Marketing & Business Systems, Santa Barbara, CA

Speak up, be tenacious, and have faith in yourself. Your ideas are worth being heard, don't ever forget that. -- Christina Cavadias, Account Representative, San Francisco, CA


On Women that Inspire

Rachel Hollis. I’ve been following her work and have been inspired by her voice since before she was a household name. As women we see an abundance of Instagram worthy snapshots and are led to believe those are real life. Life can be raw and hard and we need role models that show us they understand what real life looks like but also push us to be better via empowerment, not aspiration or jealousy. -- Corinne Travis, Sr. Manager, Influencer Marketing, Westborough, MA 

My life-long friend, Keri-anne Payne (triple Olympian, Olympic Silver medalist and two-time world champion) inspires me the most because she channels a unique level of dedication, passion and humility into every stage of her life! -- Siobhan Williamson, Business Operations Director, London, UK

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She's dedicated her entire life to fighting for what she believes in - gender equality and women's rights. Even with the odds stacked against her, she has prevailed and has had an incredibly profound impact on society and history. -- Nicole Ron, VP of Marketing, Product Marketing & Business Systems, Santa Barbara, CA

Serena Williams. Because she loves to win, she believes in herself, and she puts in the hard work to achieve success. -- Camy Gehrke, Director, Advertiser Development, San Francisco, CA

Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Her Ted Talk "We Should All Be Feminists" was transformative for me! -- Kim Christoforou, Advertiser Account Representative, Westborough, MA

Oprah because she has risen above all of her hardships and became extraordinarily successful. -- Stephanie June, Associate Account Manager, Santa Barbara, CA

Michelle Obama inspires me because she is authentic, kind, and successful in all aspects of her life - in her career, as a mother, a partner, and an amazing First Lady. -- Keira Lim, Director, Advertiser Development, New York, NY


On Mothers and Grandmothers

My grandmother inspires me. She was a single mom that worked labor intensive jobs her entire life, including being a migrant farm worker and factory line person. She motivates me to have a positive outlook at life and to capitalize on the opportunities and experiences that she was never able to have for herself. -- Sommer Urias, Director, Advertiser Development, Santa Barbara, CA

As a working mum of three boys, it can be hard to juggle work and family life so it is important to accept help when it is offered (and give back when you can) and to make sure you work for a company that is supportive of a healthy work/life balance. -- Linda O'Connell, Corporate Development Director, Dublin, Ireland

My 90-year old grandmother. She enrolled at university in her seventies! I admire that she did not give up on her dream of pursuing an education. -- Nuria Boj, Senior Account Manager, New York, NY

My Mom - she always taught my sister and I to be a strong independent woman (and never forget lipstick). And I think that is what has helped me develop a career to truly be proud of. -- Ashley Hardy, Account Manager, Santa Barbara, CA


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