All Primed for Prime Day

Jul 12, 2019
Written by CJ

In the spectrum of shopping holidays, Amazon Prime Day is a relatively young one. Created in 2015 to celebrate Amazon's 20th birthday, the shopping event was a genius move to boost sales and Prime subscriptions and worked. 


Now in its fifth year, the industry considers Prime Day to be a full-on ecommerce bonanza—a rising tide that lifts all boats for online retailers across diverse categories. This years' event spans two days once again: Monday, July 15th and Tuesday, July 16th.

It's clear that Prime Day sets the mood for consumers, priming the opportunity for retailers to draw shoppers to their own sites. How do we know this for sure? Looking at CJ Network data from 2018 for Prime Day, we saw a big boost in clicks, sales and revenue.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • The number of sales to US based retailers the week of Prime Day (July 16-17, 2018) increased 25% compared to the week prior and revenue increased 42% week over week.
  • All categories have an opportunity here—though the biggest YOY growth rates (ranging from 50-70%) were for automotive, clothing and accessories, family, and food and drink—a very diverse group.
  • Ad Network, Social and Content Publishers all saw steep week over week gains that reflect that Amazon can be great at introducing shoppers to products, but can’t always close the sale on some items.
  • Prime Day has become the peak of the Back to School shopping season. In 2018, the highest growth in revenue and orders for BTS categories occurred on Prime Day—increasing 33% YOY compared to 11% growth on Labor Day (ye olde summer shopping holiday of yore).


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