Black Friday 2023 Shopping Network Pulse

Nov 28, 2023
Written by Sandrine Thompson

As Thanksgiving leftovers found their way into the fridge, millions of Americans and global shoppers turned their focus to the annual shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday.

This Q4, online shopping has regained its mojo with impressive year-over-year performance on Black Friday—retail sales in the CJ network increased 8% YOY on Black Friday (11/24) driven by high global demand for deals.

Beauty, clothing, and sports items were this year's hottest purchases, with purchases from advertisers in these network categories increasing an average of 16% YOY. Travel actions were also on the rise on Black Friday, especially in the US, where bookings with travel brands increased 20% YOY.

CJ’s global shopping trends show that shoppers in many regions of the world now have a strong association with Black Friday as a major day of deals. Yet in the US, the Black Friday promotional “season” now begins in November's early weeks. The highest growth days for US retail sales so far occurred on Sundays in November—sales on November 5 and November 12 increased 30% YOY each day compared to 6% YOY growth in the US on the “real” Black Friday.

Black Friday 2023 has seen an unprecedented surge across ecommerce, with Adobe Analytics reporting US sales on Black Friday were up 7.5% on last year’s figures. Salesforce, from its Commerce Cloud insights, reported an 8% YOY increase on Black Friday, underscoring how shoppers, feeling more confident with their spending than last year, turned to ecommerce platforms in record numbers.


Stay Tuned for More Q4 2023 Updates from CJ as We Continue Our Cyber Week Analysis

Stay tuned for more Q4 updates from CJ as we continue analyzing the network’s Cyber Week performance, including a wrap-up of Cyber Monday’s performance, later this week. For more shopping benchmarks, check out CJ’s interactive Q4 Shopping Weekly Benchmarks report, available on Junction and updated with network trends every Wednesday.

Looking to dive deeper? CJ publishers and advertisers have access to daily updates via the CJ platform via the newly launched Q4 Network Peak Shopping & Holiday Benchmarks dashboard! Head to the Reports tab > Performance > Advanced Analysis > Q4 Network Peak Shopping & Holiday Benchmarks to benchmark your program performance against aggregated YOY performance of the entire CJ network.

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