Build On Your Affiliate Foundation with the CJ Strategy Center

Jan 12, 2023
Written by Mary White

There are opportunities for all brands in the affiliate channel, big and small.

But it can feel like there’s a lot to know—the affiliate industry is constantly evolving, and CJ is continuously innovating and expanding our tech stack—so whether you’re new to the channel or have been around for years, there’s always more to discover!

We’re committed to providing advertisers with the know-how and resources they need to ensure their programs can thrive in the CJ network—no matter how many people they have dedicated to managing the channel. Driving growth for our Agency, Growth Consultancy, and Self-Service advertisers inspired us to create the CJ Strategy Center—a new resource to be your guide as you manage your program.


Introducing the CJ Strategy Center

We developed the CJ Strategy Center as an in-platform resource to answer your most frequently asked questions AND to provide actionable recommendations to help you optimize your program—all without leaving the workflow. You asked; we listened; we collected feedback directly from advertisers, agencies, and CJ’s internal teams. We even reviewed common case questions and survey responses to ensure we provide the most relevant information you need to run a successful program.

The CJ Strategy Center takes the guesswork out of the equation by not just answering the how but also providing the context for why and when you should be completing critical tasks. CJ’s Support Center is extensive, but we wanted to provide an in-platform option so users can quickly and easily access the information they need to manage their programs.


What You’ll Discover in the CJ Strategy Center

When developing the Strategy Center, we focused on the key pillars of managing an affiliate program, everything from understanding the program foundation to leveraging CJ’s tools to analyze your success. We grouped these pillars into four categories:

1. Understanding your Program Foundation
  • Integration - Tracking is at the core of all affiliate programs. We help you to understand how your integration influences reporting and commissioning.

  • Account Funding - Understanding your investment and maintaining a proper balance ensures your publishers are rewarded for promoting your brand and your partnerships can grow.

2. Nurturing Partnerships
  • Links - The creative you provide in CJ connects you to your partners and is the main tool for promoting your brand. Ensuring your links are optimized is key to successful partnerships.

  • Communication - Affiliate is a partnership channel and communication is the key to fostering strong partnerships.

3. Program Growth

At a high-level, program growth strategies can be grouped into three categories:

  • Recruitment - Continuous recruitment is the number one contributor to successful affiliate programs. We showcase the tools and best practices needed to discover ideal partners.
  • Activation - Activation means encouraging partners to start hosting links and driving conversions. We provide strategies to get your publishers up and running!
  • Optimization - Collaborating directly with your publishers to optimize your existing relationships can help to discover untapped potential.

4. Analyzing Your CJ Program
  • Performance Reporting - Understanding your performance can inspire new strategies for growth in the channel. We know there’s a lot of data, and we try to break it down so you know what’s available and how you can take advantage of all CJ has to offer.

  • Program Monitoring - We have teams that monitor the CJ network, but since you’re the one on the front lines of your program, it’s essential to keep a close eye on transaction activity. We give best practices for checking your tracking, reviewing your transaction reporting, and validating traffic.

The CJ Strategy Center will populate in the lower right-hand corner on the homepage of the CJ interface for eligible accounts (Agency, Growth Consultancy, or Self-Service advertisers located in the US or UK). Go check it out to learn more about your program!

We’ll continue to expand this resource, so be on the lookout for future content.

Topics: CJ 101, Innovation
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