Get Ahead of Tax Season: A Top Category in Q1 & Q2

Jan 26, 2018

Tax services is one of the hottest advertiser categories in Q1 with its first sales peak hitting in late January/early February.

Almost everyone will need tax services in the next few months and we've got the top tax brands in the CJ network.

Two Sales Peaks of Tax Season

The first peak occurs in late January/early February—once everyone has their W-2s and the IRS starts accepting electronic tax returns on January 29, 2018. The second peak is all of April, especially on the day of the filing deadline—April 17, 2018. After you put the offers on site leave them up until after April 17.

Tips on Connecting with Advertisers

If you are already partnered with tax advertisers, make sure that your audience knows they can buy their services:

  • Place the tax offers on your homepage
  • Create a dedicated Tax Center on your site

If you are not yet joined to the programs of tax services Advertisers, you can find them on the Advertisers page of the account manager:

  • Use the Search tool on the left side of the page to search by keywords "tax services," or the name of the Advertiser.
  • The Category filter allows you to see all tax partners by selecting the Financial Services category, and then the Tax Services sub-category.
  • Click on the green Join Program button to the right of the Advertiser’s name to submit your application.

Other Helpful Tips

Start now. It can take a week or two to apply to programs and place offers on your site and you don't want to miss out on sales that occur early in tax season.

If your application gets declined, reach out to the Advertiser with an email and tell them why you think your site is a great fit for their program. At this time of year, tax service Advertisers get hundreds of applications—a personal email will help you stand out.

Learn more in our Support Center article on the topic. Just click on the question mark icon at the top right of your screen to open the Support Center and search for Contacting Your Advertisers.


Contributing author: Delaney Nelson