CJ Expands Advertiser Development Team by 20%

May 24, 2018
Written by CJ

Growth brings growth—come join our incredible team!

As a result of aggressive growth in transaction volume across the 1,600 Advertisers in our network—including 254 of the top Internet Retailer 1000 brands—we’re thrilled to announce a 20% increase in staff to the Advertiser Development team.

This staff increase is in addition to the ongoing expansion of our Engineering and Product departments. As we continue to drive innovation with data-driven solutions like our GDPR-focused suite of tools, Cross-Device, Situational Commissioning, and others, we recognize the growing demand on our teams to drive more holistic strategies and recommendations for our clients. 

“As we continue to innovate and our clients adopt our solutions and strategies, we need to properly support client growth by continuing to invest in the core of our company—our people,” said CJ President Waleed Al Atraqchi. “A record number of new Advertisers have recently joined the CJ network and, as with all our clients, we are wholly committed to their success. Investment in our employees and the exceptional work they do is not only an effort to accelerate our growth as an organization but is in alignment with the future success of the channel as a whole.”

If you’re interested in an exciting and innovative career at CJ Affiliate, please check out our listings here.

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