CJ's Bacon Number

Aug 12, 2015
Written by Lika Walker

Staff excitement has been sizzling at CJ Affiliate since the announcement that Kevin Bacon will deliver the keynote address at CJ University 2015—the definitive affiliate networking and education experience. The talk around the office now surrounds favorite Kevin Bacon movies (A Few Good Men tops the list for me), jokes about who has the best Footloose moves, and of course the ever-popular Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon parlor game.

According to the aptly-named Oracle of Bacon, Kevin Bacon has appeared in film with 3,031 actors during his film career. It calculated the Bacon number for 1.91 million other actors and found 99%+ of all actors have a Bacon number of five or less.

So we decided to have some fun with this and find out the Bacon Number of a few CJ staff members. Below we've listed ten of our favorite connections. Click here to see the full list of staff Bacon Numbers.

Airn Lebus, Client Integration Architect. Bacon Number = 3
Airn Lebus got a birthday voicemail from Judd Nelson.
Judd Nelson and Paul Gleason appeared in The Breakfast Club.
Paul Gleason and Kevin Bacon appeared in She's Having a Baby.

Nick Oswald, Associate Account Manager. Bacon Number = 3
Nick Oswald was blessed by Mike Ditka as a baby.
Mike Ditka and David Bowe appeared in Kicking & Screaming.
David Bowe and Kevin Bacon appeared in A Few Good Men.

Sommer Urias, Sr. Advertiser Account Manager. Bacon Number = 3
Sommer Urias met Coolio.
Coolio and Ice-T appeared in Born 2B Gangsta?.
Ice-T and Kevin Bacon appeared in The Magic 7.

Siobhan Williamson, Key Account Manager. Bacon Number = 3
Siobhan Williamson met 50 Cent at a night club in Dubai.
50 Cent and John Lithgow appeared in Lives of the Saints.
John Lithgow and Kevin Bacon appeared in Footloose.

Craig Martinez, Associate Account Manager. Bacon Number = 2
Craig Martinez sold the Harold & Maude soundtrack to Bill Paxton.
Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon appeared in Apollo 13.

Joe Doretti, Sales Director. Bacon Number = 2
Joe Doretti met Penny Marshall backstage at a Laverne & Shirley taping.
Penny Marshall and Kevin Bacon appeared in She's Having a Baby.

Kent Kaufmann, Account Director. Bacon Number = 2
Kent Kaufmann sat next to Steve Martin at Brophy Bros on New Year's Day.
Steve Martin and Kevin Bacon appeared in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Joseph De Rocco, Strategic Account Manager. Bacon Number = 2
Joe De Rocco's wife worked with Kevin Bacon on Guiding Light

Don Keefe, Customer Experience Manager. Bacon Number = 1.5
Don Keefe was in the same park as Kyra Sedgwick.
Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon are married.
(We figured if you're married to the Bacon that earns you a half degree of separation!)

Suzanne Purcell, Sr. Events Marketing Manager. Bacon Number = 1
Suzanne met Kevin Bacon at the SB International Film Festival in 2005

As far as CJ is concerned, the six degrees of separation theory really does hold true—at least as it relates to Kevin Bacon. In fact, of all the people we surveyed, no one strayed more than four degrees of separation from the popular actor. This October though, everyone's number will decrease when we welcome him to CJU. Join us at CJU 2015 and drop your Bacon Number down to one!

Want to learn more about how The Oracle of Bacon works? Check here!


CJ has no partnership with and this is not an endorsement thereof.

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