Digging into the CJ Deep Linking Tool

Jan 1, 2013
Written by CJ

Vigilantly working on the front lines at CJ, our Support Teams serve a dual role – as the eyes and ears of the CJ Network.

Think back to your last interaction with a member of the Support Team: they seemed really interested in your problem didn’t they? It’s because we are constantly looking to evolve our product offerings to provide a better experience for you, our members. It goes without saying: we take your feedback seriously. So it is with great pleasure that I unveil one of the best features of our "New Links” tab: Deep Linking Only.

For those unfamiliar, “Deep Linking” is a feature that allows publishers to edit the Destination URL (resulting page when clicked) of an affiliate link. This is extremely helpful when trying to point your audience to a particular promotion, or product page, not available within the advertiser’s product catalog data feed. In fact, some publishers rely on deep linking so much they won't even work with an advertiser unless they offer deep links.So, if you’re looking for a little more of a hands-on approach for your affiliate promotions, take control of the destination URL – and be sure to give deep linking a try.

Now, I know some of you are asking: How do I find links that I can deep-link with? While it used to be a complex process, you can now get the answer to this question with a single click.

Among the shiny new interface, you will see the “Deep Linking Only” check-box on the left side of the page. Here’s where the magic happens. Simply check this box and “Search” to find text and banner ad links that offer this enhanced functionality. Once you have found the link you want to use, simply select the “Get Code” button, paste the URL (from the advertiser’s website) you want to link to within the “Destination URL” box, and click “UPDATE CODE.” The end result is a fully trackable link code that could potentially serve as your secret weapon for this year’s holiday promotions.

Be sure to keep up with the insightful feedback inside CJ Account Manager! We truly appreciate your opinions and encourage everyone to be heard. A great place to start is by checking out the “New Links” tab. Select the “Feedback” box on the right and tell us what you think. We look forward to hearing from you and see you in Support Center!

Topics: CJ 101, Innovation
Deep Link Generator

The Deep Link Generator allows publishers to create affiliate deep links directly from any page within an advertiser's website. Deep linking allows publishers to take the user directly to any desired page, including product or category pages. This improves user experience and increases the chance of an action being completed and commission earned. All links can be searched and filtered to quickly find available deep links.

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