Finding the Hidden Shopper with Cross-Device

Jul 19, 2017
Written by Marissa M.

Shoppers come in all shapes and sizes, with varied motivations to pull out their wallets and finally make a purchase.

These purchases can take place at any time, so it’s essential that marketers capitalize on how consumer behavior fits into the consideration journey. Enter affiliate marketing. Long thought to be the king of only capitalizing on engaged, deal-savvy shoppers, it turns out that’s not the only influence affiliate holds.

Reaching the Savvy Shopper

Shopper savviness extends beyond the ability to find the best deal or offer, it is also the natural ability to find the right areas and moments to consume content and engage with brands. In today’s world, that consumption often occurs when shoppers are on the go—during a lunch break, on the train, or waiting for a dinner reservation.  

The lesson for marketers? To ensure that you are engaging with these consumers in the most effective ways and at the most meaningful times. This is where visibility into your shoppers’ behaviors becomes essential, including within the affiliate channel.

Visibility through Cross-Device

The launch of CJ Affiliate’s Cross-Device solution on May 24 reinforced the idea that all publisher models engage the modern shopper in their paths to purchase. Leading the way in terms of transactions from cross device tracking are content creators and social publishers, who have emerged as more than just influencers, but also as sale-driving closers.

Without this kind of visibility into the value of all of an advertiser’s partnerships, marketers find themselves in the hidden shopper dilemma: you can’t optimize what you can’t see, and you can’t reach your consumers if you don’t know the right moments and ways to optimize.

Leveraging the right Cross-Device technology with actionable data ensures these modern shoppers come out of hiding—a win for advertisers and publishers alike.

As the affiliate space continues to evolve—and utilize technologies like Cross-Device tracking—we can help advertisers to better find these hidden shoppers throughout their journey to purchase, and do so with clear visibility along the way.

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CJ’s Cross-Device solution allows advertisers and publishers to recognize growth and efficiency by identifying partnerships that engage their target audiences. By unlocking and uncovering performance that is occurring in multi-device customer journeys, affiliate marketers can now begin to better understand what influences different customers during the path to purchase.
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