Get the Most Out of Client Support

Jan 4, 2016
Written by Robert F.

We’ve all been there—completely confused and looking for a quick resolution. We follow our impulse to immediately call the 800 number or send an email to anyone who might respond, not knowing if they can truly help. Then a few days go by without a response and we start to feel insecure and wonder, “Are they ignoring me?!”

At CJ, we recognize that stress and are here to help. This blog post explains how to best use CJ’s support services in a way that saves you time—and money!

Contacting Support

There are two main ways to contact CJ’s Client Support Center: call 1-800-761-1072 or login to your account and submit a request. Whether you call in or submit a request online, you can expect real human conversation—no robots here! Support representatives provide insight on CJ services and can also answer any user interface (UI) related questions.

We take incidents and inbound calls from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PST from the entire network—that’s over 77,000 publishers and 3,000 advertisers! Even with this volume, we are committed to responding within 3 business days. In the event the question needs to be answered before the usual turnaround time of 72 hours, you can accelerate the process by calling support and requesting an escalation.

Information to Have Handy

In order to get an answer fast, it helps to have some of the basic information included in your request. When you contact the Support Center, please have the following information ready:

  • Account ID (CID)

  • Account Name

  • Contact Information

  • Issue / Question

Calling vs. Submitting a Ticket

Now, I know what you may be thinking—if I can call support why would I ever submit a ticket? If the problem you face involves a more granular solution, it is better to submit a ticket online.

There are certain issues that need to be physically viewed rather than explained in a slow arduous process over the phone. Consider the benefit of sending a screenshot of an error message, for example, versus trying to explain the issue over the phone. Here are some examples of when submitting a ticket is best:

  • Data transfer questions

  • Tracking related questions

  • Strategic/best practice assistance

  • Testing situations

  • UI error with screenshot

Whatever the issue or request, we encourage you to contact the Support Center—our main goal in is to optimize your experience! If you are ever unsure or can’t find an answer within the support center FAQs and documentation, contact us; when you want to provide feedback or have an awesome idea, contact us!

Client interaction keeps us pumped, so we look forward to working with you and your affiliate program!

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