How to Get Buy-In for Big Affiliate Projects

Mar 6, 2017
Written by CJ

Over the last quarter century, the affiliate marketing channel has experienced steady growth. In fact, Forrester Research predicted that affiliate marketing spend would hit $4.5 billion by the end of 2016 and would continue to grow by 10% each year until 2020. 

This opens up a massive opportunity for advertisers to harness the power of affiliate marketing now and in the years to come. In an article featured in PerformanceIn earlier this month, CJ Affiliate's head of Business Development, Paul Tibbit articulated some important steps on exactly how to harness that power. Below we recap some of these steps of How to Get Advertiser Buy-In for Big Affiliate Projects:

  • Identify immediate company needs and clearly define goals tailored to those needs
  • Expand your definition of affiliate's potential impact. Some of affiliate's new strengths include: Cross-Device, Online to Offline, New to File, Content Optimization
  • Align goals to the overarching direction of the company

For more details around each of these steps, read the full article here

Are you an advertiser looking to expand your marketing efforts into the affiliate space? Check out this check-list to see if affiliate marketing is right for your business. 

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