How to Reactivate Your CJ Affiliate Account

Feb 27, 2013
Written by Peter P.

Springtime comes closer for us Californians, a luxury we take for granted. Indoor couch potatoes start coming out of their homes to enjoy the sun, busting out their sunglasses and flocking to those sandy beaches. Some find their solace near the ocean, surfing the waves or playing beach volleyball. As for me, I find my peace on wheels. Skateboard wheels.

Now it's the end of February, the sun is high in the sky here in Santa Barbara and Mother Nature has blessed me with the gift of perfect skateboard weather. I grab my eager 4-wheel friend and take my first-step on its board. I take a few strides with my left foot, easing my weight. I begin to gain speed and then *SMACK*, gravity takes its toll on me. In a split-second, I'm derailed from the board with my back against the concrete, and a sudden realization came over me as I lay there in the open road: it's been a while since I've been on one of these. My excitement got the best of me and I didn't realize I couldn't simply hit the ground running, or rolling.


Similarly, some may find a relatable frustration with their dormant CJ Affiliate accounts. Perhaps you forgot you had an account or just didn't maintain it as well you wanted to. Whatever the reason, affiliate marketing has sparked your interest again and now you want to start exploring immediately and making money online from your website traffic. However, as you eagerly try to login to that old friend of yours, the CJ Account Manager, you are met with a road block: Deactivation. The word itself just sounds daunting and punitive. You could be left confused and discouraged, wondering what you did wrong to deserve such an action. That's ok! Your deactivation is actually not as bad as it seems.

In detail, the process is called dormant deactivation. The CJ Affiliate system starts a timer the day you create the account. If it finds that your account hasn't generated any commissions within a period of 6 months, our system will think that no one is using it. Fortunately, it is quite simple to reactivate. Most of the time, simply attempting to login to the account will provide you simple step procedures to reactivate the account and you should be able to access the account again.

On occasion, this may not work because the account was deactivated too long ago. In which case, call CJ Affilate's Client Support line and one of our representatives will reactivate the account right then. You'll find that your account information is still intact so there isn't any need to fill in all your information all over again. If you were lucky enough to reactivate your account within 90 days of your deactivation date, you'll most likely find that your advertiser relationships are still there as well! Commission Junction does try to give you a heads up before your dormancy deactivation happens so make sure to check your email inboxes frequently and look out for a 30-day notification. As you can see, deactivations due to dormancy are quite simple to resolve.

All in all, over the course of your experience with affiliate marketing you may run into some obstacles but it's good to know that CJ Affiliate is always happy to give you that "second chance." If you fall off that skateboard, get back up and try again and soon you'll be rolling down like all the pros!


To learn more about dormancy and deactivation in CJ Affiliate, publishers can read Support Center Topic ID 876.

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