CJ's Account Numbers, Explained

Jan 17, 2013
Written by Marissa M.

As I sit here outside the ski lodge waiting for my dad and brother to finish their last ski run of the day, I realize that if it weren't for their matching lime green snow jackets, I wouldn't be able to identify them on the mountain. Everyone looks the same in snow gear with their black pants, puffy jackets and beanies.

In fact, the more time I sit here trying to spot those green jackets, the more I realize the importance of identification, and how omnipresent it is within our world. Think about it, cars have license plate numbers, US citizens have social security numbers, and computers have IP addresses. Similar to the world around us, CJ also has identification numbers that help identify your account.



These identification numbers all start to sound the same after a while. As a client support representative, it has become evident that knowing the difference between these numbers will truly help with having a better understanding of your account and how our tracking works. With that said, lets take a deeper look into what each of these ID numbers mean.

CID or Company ID is your account number. This is a "unique number which differentiates an advertiser/publisher from other CJ accounts." This number is located on the top right side of your screen next to your name.

PID, also known as your Publisher Website ID, is another way to identify your account. To find your PID, navigate to your Account tab > Web Site Settings. This number will not only help identify your account, but it's also used in your tracking code to trace transactions back to your account.

Last but not least is AID. When a publisher generates HTML link code, the AID appears in the link code to help identity the affiliate link being used.


Why These Numbers Matter

So now I'm sure you're thinking…okay, I understand the difference between the IDs but why are these numbers so important? Well, here are a few reasons why you'll be glad you're reading this post:

  • Your CID is the easiest way for a CJ employee to identify your account. When calling the Client Support line, one of the first questions you are always asked is, "Can I please have the number associated with your account?" Having your account number readily available will help the representative quickly locate your account.

  • Now for your PID and AID. These numbers work together to create the tracking code for your links. The tracking code will usually begin with <a href="/%3Ca%20href%3D">">>, which can also be translated to As you can see, your PID and AID are both listed in the tracking code. This allows our system to track your impressions/clicks/sales, and is a great way for clients to see their links being traced back to their account.


Your CID, PID, and AID are all very important identification numbers when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of your account. The more knowledge you have of your account and its various aspects, such as these numbers, the easier it will be to use your account. To learn more about identification in CJ, visit the Support Center inside CJ Account Manager.

As I start to shiver in the cold waiting for my dad and brother to arrive, I'm very happy to identify those two lime green jackets making their way down the mountain. Identification, even in an unusual form like ski jackets, or three letter acronym, can make life a little easier. Thankfully, spotting those jackets means they will be arriving at the ski lodge soon and that can only denote one thing: hot chocolate ski break!

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