Keeping Track of Affiliate Tracking

Feb 17, 2016
Written by Christina B.

As a new year starts it's easy to be so focused on rolling out new campaigns that you forget all about your affiliate tracking code. If your account is in "set it and forget it" mode you may not notice when tracking is no longer functioning properly. That stellar new marketing offer will be hard to evaluate without any conversion data coming in. Simply put, your affiliate program is only as good as your tracking.

Typically, tracking is disabled when the tracking code is removed or when an advertiser switches to a new code format or site management system. Remember to check your affiliate tracking after a site update in case your tech team removes or alters the tracking by mistake. You'd be surprised how often this happens!

It's important to fix any tracking issues as soon as possible. Extended periods of down-tracking often result in bulk commission make-goods and CJ down-tracking fees. Also as a result of tracking going down, your publisher partners don't earn commissions. Over time, you may lose relationships with key publishers if they feel your tracking is unreliable for continued periods of time. After all, publishers spend a lot of energy and resources promoting your programs!

While our Program Compliance and Advertiser Services teams monitor the network for down-tracking incidents, it's best to be proactive about managing your program on a regular basis. That way you'll be sure to detect any tracking problems before they negatively impact the success of your affiliate program. Signs of tracking problems include a sudden, ongoing decline in leads or sales, healthy click volumes without many—or any—conversions, or a dramatic decrease in earnings per click (EPC).

Check your inbox for notifications from Program Compliance or Advertiser Services. We may have sent you instructions on troubleshooting your program tracking. If we don't hear back from you, your account could be temporarily deactivated.

If you suspect there may be issues with your affiliate tracking, contact your CJ account team or submit a ticket to the Advertiser Services and Program Compliance teams via the Support Center.

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