Launch of CJ Ambassador Program

Sep 20, 2017
Written by CJ

We are excited to announce the launch of our first CJ Ambassador Program, an annual certification for agency partners!

This initiative allows individuals working with CJ Affiliate programs from our agency partners to flex their knowledge and become certified as CJ Ambassadors. This challenging exam validated individuals’ expertise on a variety of topics ranging from CJ’s Supporting Departments, Links, Program Terms, Reporting, Subscriptions, Tracking, and working with Publishers.

Certified CJ Ambassadors have proved that they are truly experts on CJ’s platform and capabilities. Not only do these individuals understand how to accomplish daily tasks, but they have also demonstrated their comprehensive knowledge on how to navigate and optimize within CJ! We’re thrilled to be able to endorse these individuals for their expertise in using our platform.

Please join us in congratulating the 2017 CJ Ambassadors—trust us, they earned it!

  • Heather Creamer, Acceleration Partners
  • Aman Kalsi,
  • Claudia Bucaro,
  • Austin Sandler, Agency Within
  • Beth Schmitt, All Inclusive Marketing
  • Chrissy Malukiewicz, All Inclusive Marketing
  • Kelly Hagen, All Inclusive Marketing
  • Daniel Bodner, Blue Cherry Group
  • Danny Kautt, Digital River
  • Sarah Tishler, Digital River
  • Will Gaines, Digital River
  • Becca Litwack, Digitas
  • Caitlin Fox, Digitas
  • Jason Waring, eAccountable
  • Stephanie Sorrels, eAccountable
  • Alison Clark, Gen3 Marketing
  • Andy Shal, Gen3 Marketing
  • Anne Larocca, Gen3 Marketing
  • Chris Allan, Gen3 Marketing
  • Chris Linnehan, Gen3 Marketing
  • Jen Campagna, Gen3 Marketing
  • Jessica Ozoniak, Gen3 Marketing
  • Jillian Neal, Gen3 Marketing
  • John Cochrane, Gen3 Marketing
  • Jonathan King, Gen3 Marketing
  • Josephine Tang, Gen3 Marketing
  • Kevin Fleisher, Gen3 Marketing
  • Kyle Garis, Gen3 Marketing
  • Leilana Cantrell, Gen3 Marketing
  • Michele Behe, Gen3 Marketing
  • Perry Irish, Gen3 Marketing
  • Stephanie Kent, Gen3 Marketing
  • Clio Buckley, House of Kaizen
  • Kin Cheung, House of Kaizen
  • Adam Dahlen, iAffiliate Management
  • Rick Gardiner, iAffiliate Management
  • Taylor Strege, iAffiliate Management
  • Alex Pounds, JEBCommerce
  • Dorothy Dalton, JEBCommerce
  • Kristin Wardwell, JEBCommerce
  • Abbie Elaarag,
  • Arpi Saiyan,
  • Delaine Zendran,
  • Jacqueline Palucci,
  • Jessica Antenucci,
  • Kaitlyn Williams,
  • Kathleen Power,
  • Kelly Motafferi,
  • Ketsia Colas-leroy,
  • Lianne Heuvelink,
  • Matt Ferlatte,
  • Stephen Young,
  • Vanessa Zendran,
  • Alexis Simek, PartnerCentric
  • Angela Stockman, PartnerCentric
  • Dan Fink, PartnerCentric
  • Daniel Bryant, PartnerCentric
  • Jacque Wakim, PartnerCentric
  • John Bleecker, PartnerCentric
  • Julie Stepkowski, PartnerCentric
  • Kristine Kirschke, PartnerCentric
  • Megan Sabo, PartnerCentric
  • Tracie Gross, PartnerCentric
  • Christie Frazer, PMX Agency
  • Kathryn Heidorn, PMX Agency
  • Natalie Holovko, PMX Agency
  • Sarah Barnett, PMX Agency
  • Randy Norton, Snow Consulting
  • Patrick Lavin, Versa Marketing Inc

Keep an eye out for the new badge. These exclusive badges recognize individuals who passed the certification exam and are officially CJ Ambassadors for 2017!

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