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Jul 9, 2019
Written by CJ

This year at CJU19, we offer many ways to immerse yourself in learning.

You’ll find big stage sessions where we dare to feature our biggest thoughts, as well as the Discovery Lab, which offers up 25+ opportunities for speedy small-group training. We've also introduced CJU Roundtables, a new way to connect with industry peers to discuss topics that you care about.

Each year, as we curate CJU’s educational sessions, we ask ourselves, “What affiliate topics are most important to our clients?” This year the following topics bubbled to the top: Global, Content Publishers, data-driven approaches to Affiliate Investment and Value, and Privacy. Read on to find out more about these topics and the big stage sessions that explore them.

TIP: New to CJU? Make sure to attend the session How to Navigate Your First CJU to get an insider’s view of the conference!



Global growth continues to be a big focus at CJU. Begin your quest for world domination at the Global Expo, directly following our keynote presentations, to meet the Publishers, Advertisers, and partners that are driving affiliate growth in new global markets and the US.

Later that day, dive deeper into the elements that make up global success with the panel, "Reaching the World’s Consumers in the Affiliate Channel", moderated by Tobias Allgeyer, Regional Vice President of CJ Germany. This group of seasoned marketers will offer both the Advertiser and Publisher perspective to showcase brands that are succeeding at global expansion in the affiliate channel. Panelists will share opportunities, best practices, and strategies for global growth.

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Publisher Panels

Creating connections is at the heart of CJU—we love giving our clients a platform to share their thought leadership with as many potential partners as possible (say that 5x fast!). We've found that group conversations are a great way to showcase the subtleties and complexities of a given topic. These Publisher Panels will be sure to bring you insight whether you're an Agency, Advertiser, or fellow Publisher.

Emerging Publishers: Everyone's favorite panel is back! Simon Bird from RevLifter fame will moderate "Emerging Technologies in the Affiliate Channel" featuring Drop, ViSenze, and Jetblack. Learn all about new technologies and find out how these Publishers provide fresh ways to engage with shoppers.



Influencer Marketing: We've given CJ's hot take many times, but this year we felt it was time to hear straight from the horse's mouth. “Ask an Influencer: Anything and Everything You’re Dying to Know” kicks off with brief statements from each of the panelists before turning the mic over to the audience to pose questions that explore strategies and dig into best practices with our diverse group of influencers. Corinne Travis, who heads up CJ's Influencer Campaign Service, will moderate.



Commerce Content: As the digital media landscape shifts, we've seen more and more media Publishers dip their toes into performance marketing via commerce content. The session, "Why Big Media is Thriving with Performance Marketing", will showcase strong Commerce Content Publishers in the CJ network and share how brands can best tap their unique selling opportunities or, more importantly, know when there isn't a fit.



Affiliate Investment and Value

These data-driven sessions will illuminate new insights that help you uncover hidden value and unlock new strategies that ultimately lead to smarter marketing decisions.

"Where Myth Meets Reality: Affiliate Customer Journeys" shares compelling findings from CJ’s deep dive into shopper interactions with Publisher sites and dispels some common, long-held myths along the way. Find out how affiliate marketers can develop more efficient and profitable programs when customer journeys are considered. 



Requiring complicated A/B testing, or the risky step of reducing advertising and investment, the mythical incrementality unicorn has befuddled marketers for decades. "Yes, It’s Possible: Accurately Measuring Incrementality in Affiliate" will debut CJ’s latest findings on affiliate channel incrementality and cover how to share these findings when making the case for a greater share of your company’s digital marketing budget.



CJ's Director of Strategic Insights and all-around data maven, Sandrine Thompson, brings us "The Consumer Megatrends Shaping Holiday 2019". This fascinating session will present the concept of megatrends that are changing consumer behavior, how they're popping up in affiliate, and what you need to do to harness them for Holiday 2019. 




If there's one thing we know from the past couple of years, it's that change is the new normal. “How Digital Privacy is Transforming Digital Marketing” will provide insight into the thrilling digital privacy roller coaster we’re all on. Our speakers, both of whom play critical roles in CJ’s response to digital privacy updates, will show how new requirements impact our industry and what’s at risk. Attendees will come away with a clear idea of how to rally, survive, and thrive in the new reality of a constantly changing privacy landscape.




Whatever you might have on your schedule this year, we hope that you set aside some time to learn from your affiliate peers and industry thought leaders at CJU19 in Santa Barbara, CA on September 9-12.

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