Learnings from CJ Affiliate's 2017 PMA Wins

May 23, 2017
Written by CJ

Coming off two wins at the 2017 Performance Marketing Awards (Best Managed Affiliate Program with TUI and Best Retail Campaign with Argos and, CJ Affiliate sat down with PerformanceIn to discuss some of the learnings from these successes. 

In the May 15 interview with Owen Hancock, Director of Client Development here at CJ Affiliate, PerformanceIn discussed how the TUI affiliate marketing campaign was so successful: 

  • The program's success was born from creating a new single metric to holistically measure the performance in affiliate
  • Proactively consulting publishers on how to drive value was a step forward in how we work as a collaborative industry

  • Advanced data-insight, close monitoring, and informed experimentation allowed the team to scale value-creation at speed

  • Partners should be transparent and open about what you want and why you make your decisions, then people can work with you to maximize value
  • CJ's ability to drive success with content publishers, alongside data insights, make CJ stand out from the rest of the market
  • It is important to scale the level of communication across myriad functions at a multitude of businesses

To read Owen's complete interview with PerformanceIn, click here. Also, stay tuned for the first ever International Performance Marketing Awards this year. Have you experienced success with CJ Affiliate? If so, please nominate us for Industry Choice of Network and Industry Choice of Technology.  

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