Marketers Can Expect A Return to Tax Season Normalcy in 2022

Jan 20, 2022
Written by CJ

For marketers, the typical peaks and trends of tax season have been a little topsy-turvy the past couple of years. Luckily, we have some good news for 2022—tax season seems to be back to its predictable self.

Important Tax Season Dates and Timing Tips

After two years of shifted dates and extensions, this year is expected to be mostly normal with no changes to tax deadlines, unless other unforeseen situations occur. The IRS announced that e-file will open on Monday, January 24, 2022, launching the beginning of tax season. The deadline to file is Monday, April 18, 2022.

Here are some tips for timing and what to expect:

  • The traditional peaks are back—mostly: Peak one of tax season officially kicks off at the start of e-file on Monday, January 24th, and is expected to go through mid-February. The trough is usually in March, though based on the trends from the last couple of years, it may be less pronounced this year—expect more of a steady stream of filers throughout the season.
  • Weekends are strong again: Although weekends were a bit softer in 2020 with so many people constantly at home, Saturday and Sunday are predicted to be strong filing days again this year.
  • Peak two: The second peak of tax season is the month of April all the way up until the filing deadline. Easter is the weekend right before the deadline this year (April 17), so there won’t be a ton of activity during that time—expect strong performance the Friday before the deadline or on the deadline itself on Monday, April 18th.

Educational Tax Content is Key

The past few years have pushed many to make big life changes that may or may not have tax implications. This year, there’s a big focus on educating consumers about tax situations that may be new to them:

  • Crypto: Expect crypto to be HUGE— there’s been a lack of information about the tax implications of buying crypto. People will be searching for information so any content or tips around crypto will be great for SEO. Note that investors are usually waiting until peak two to file as they wait for additional forms.
  • Big life events: Many will find themselves in unfamiliar tax situations based on big life events. Think: new homeowners, those who sold a home, welcomed a new baby, or postponed getting married in 2021.
  • Digital Nomads: The rise in remote work meant more people worked across different states this past year.

Tax Products and Services to Promote

Tax providers now offer a whole range of online services from DIY to expert help. With so many options for consumers to choose from for their unique tax situation, make sure to promote the full breadth of product offerings. Read up on and include any new products and make sure to educate filers on any products that may have changed or evolved.

If you haven’t already, make sure to push digital expert advice. With more and more people getting comfortable with virtual services such as telehealth, remote expert help will be more popular than ever this year.


You don’t need to be a finance publisher to promote tax—everyone needs to file their taxes, so get in on this category while the season is in full swing! Just starting out with tax? Check out our article for beginners.

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