Mobile Optimized Affiliate Links – Now Searchable

Dec 3, 2012
Written by Chad S.

CJ Product and Engineering teams are extremely excited to announce another milestone update: now CJ Mobile Certified Advertisers can designate any of their text, banner, advanced, content and smartlinks (except flash and product catalog links) as mobile optimized!

When creating new affiliate links inside the CJ Account Manager, advertisers who are certified as "Mobile Optimized" by CJ Network (you'll know by the mobile certification badge that displays in their advertiser detail page) will have the option to make the links searchable to publishers who are interested in hosting mobile affiliate links on their websites.

The mobile channel has its own obstacles and needs its own gameplan. As an advertiser, you could be missing out on major sales if you are not active in the mobile space. Take Mary Meeker's Year-End Trend Report on mobile and tablets, posted on, pointing out that 24 percent of online shopping on Black Friday this year was done through a mobile phone or tablet (versus just six percent two years ago).

That's almost 1-in-4 people who shopped on a smartphone or tablet on Black Friday this year. If you're website isn't mobile optimized, chances are those smartphone shoppers aren't looking at your website and you're missing out on sales. And publishers, if you aren't promoting mobile certified links on your mobile optimized website, you could be missing out on commissions.

With this update, publishers also have the added benefit of being able to search for just mobile optimized links from pre-certified advertisers, in addition to making requests for mobile certified advertisers using CJ's Advertiser Search Response API. Breathe easy knowing our industry-leading affiliate link tracking is in place and the advertisers you are working with have already been certified in our network.


Advertisers, visit the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) for more mobile info, and be sure to check out Link Creative Limits and Requirements in advertiser-side Support Center for more details on mobile creative sizes.

And don't forget to download our Mobile Infographic breaking down mobile growth inside the CJ Network.

Mobile Certification

Mobile Certified advertisers have verified CJ tracking on mobile devices. Publishers can search for Advertisers who are Mobile Certified when searching for new partnerships in the CJ Account Manager.

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