Old Spanish Days Fiesta at CJ Affiliate

Aug 7, 2016
Written by Lika Walker

Each year during the first week of August, the streets of Santa Barbara are colorfully scattered with brilliant beauty. It is found in the cascarones confetti eggs, the Spanish style dress, and the faces of those who happily cheer, "Viva la Fiesta!"

This year, those colorful faces included my CJ Affilite team as we decided to have our quarterly team building event in honor of Fiesta - Old Spanish Days. With CJ Affiliate headquarters based out of Santa Barbara, we thought it appropriate to join the celebration that honors Santa Barbara's heritage of Native North American, Mexican, and Spanish settlers and pioneers.

We enjoyed breaking confetti eggs, exploring the festive booths, and indulging in delicious Mexican food. For me, though, above all I enjoyed connecting with my colleagues outside of work. I am already in awe of how extremely smart, incredible creative, and absolutely dedicated the people are at CJ Affiliate. It just adds a whole nother level of respect when you join in a sing along to the mariachi version of Tengo la Camisa Negra.

So, while it will now be another year until folks exclaim, "Viva la Fiesta," investing time to experience local culture while building team culture has me saying, "Viva CJ" until then.





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