Product Update: Deep Link Generator

Sep 23, 2013
Written by Mark G.

We are thrilled to announce that CJ Affiliate now has a Deep Link Generator that allows publishers to create a deep link to a product or promotion without having to log into the interface.

This new tool will save publishers a ton of time and includes additional functionality available in the interface. Through this downloadable bookmarklet publishers will be able to add SID's, encrypt links or choose from multiple PID's. To get access to the tool and learn more, check out our deep link generator video.

Did you know that advertisers who allow deep linking average more than 50 percent more sales on deep links? Most content publishers don't link to an advertiser home page and need access to specific products to do blog posts. The deep link generator only works for advertisers that currently allow deep links, so now is a great time for advertisers to get in the game and allow deep linking. CJ will be working with advertisers to encourage them to update their settings.

This is the first of many new content innovations that make it easier for publishers and advertisers to work with CJ. So stay tuned for more content updates and happy deep linking!

Topics: Innovation
Deep Link Generator

The Deep Link Generator allows publishers to create affiliate deep links directly from any page within an advertiser's website. Deep linking allows publishers to take the user directly to any desired page, including product or category pages. This improves user experience and increases the chance of an action being completed and commission earned. All links can be searched and filtered to quickly find available deep links.

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