Publisher to Watch: Bing Rebates

Mar 3, 2020
Written by Vanessa Brink

Bing Rebates (owned by Microsoft) launched in CJ late 2019. Bing Rebates is a loyalty program currently in pilot for select logged-in and opted-in Microsoft Rewards users.

How Does Bing Rebates Work?

After a participating user logs in and completes a web search, Bing indicates which search results offer cash back. This draws extra attention to those search results and is a great way for advertisers to stand out, especially on long tail search queries.

Broadly, Bing Rebates is similar to other cashback services that many merchants participate in. But Bing Rebates integrates the cashback function directly into the search engine, saving the user the hassle of going to a different site to earn cashback. Some cashback enthusiasts install browser plugins to get cashback results at search engines, but Bing Rebates makes that unnecessary—delivering a native HTML experience without a browser plugin.

Ready for Take Off

Bing Rebates signed up in CJ in April 2019, launched service and began ramping up in October 2019. Since late 2019, Bing Rebates has already powered just over $1.5 MM in sales for CJ advertisers! Bing Rebates launched with its opt-in opportunity offered to only a small fraction of Bing users, so there is significant opportunity in CJ for further growth if Bing expands the opt-in opportunity to more or all users.

When Bing Rebates was ready to launch in the network, CJ facilitated a quick ramp up of partnerships required to accommodate their beta launch in CJ within a 3-week period in order to reach 40 partnerships. Bing Rebates began its roll-out with CJ merchants, executing on a phased approach. Throughout launch and since, CJ has helped with recruitment strategy and outreach, establishing initial relationships, auditing account set up, and monitoring tracking to ensure everything is operating adequately. The Bing Rebates team confirmed the value of this assistance.

A New Publisher’s Journey to the Top

During Bing Rebates’ tenure in CJ, they have leveraged the complete spectrum of CJ’s Publisher Development support teams. CJ’s Business Development team first scoped out the initial opportunity, developed an affiliate strategy, addressed legal concerns, and supported technical requirements while integrating with CJ’s APIs. Bing Rebates was then moved over to the Publisher Onboarding Team. Onboarding further assisted advertiser recruitment campaigns with top partners, helped with relationship building and advertiser education and internal advocacy—launching an internal newsletter that drove a ton of exposure and advised on basic best practice recommendations such as updating their name in CJ to more effectively present their brand.

After only a few short months post launch, Bing Rebates is right on track to transition to the Enterprise Team, where a Senior Account Manager will be mapped to their account to help further optimize their activity, continue their growth trajectory, and ensure the full success of the brand in CJ! We’re thrilled that Bing Rebates is partnered with CJ, as they are well positioned for continued growth and support to further develop relationships and successfully expand in affiliate.


Looking to learn more about partnering with Bing Rebates? Contact Vanessa Brink.

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