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Apr 4, 2024
Written by CJ

As a relationship channel, some parts of affiliate marketing rely heavily on the human touch, but there’s always room for a dash of AI magic to help grease the wheels.

We’re always looking for cutting-edge partnerships that'll improve the CJ experience, so we’re excited to announce our partnership with!

CJ’s Self-Service, Growth Consultancy, and Agency advertiser clients can now use this helpful tool to streamline operations and increase efficiency. Because less time spent on reporting means more time to spend on meaningful actions that drive growth.


Say “Hello” to Your New Instant Assistant

CJ with gives advertisers and agencies access to their own AI-powered “virtual assistant” that integrates directly with CJ’s APIs. It’s also an easy way to give other internal team members access to CJ data—no login or training required.

Simply message your AI assistant via Slack or Microsoft Teams with a question about your CJ program and will provide you with a response backed by your CJ data.

Here’s a list of some of the questions you can ask

  • "Make me a weekly report for last week."
  • "Pull me a QBR for Q4 2023."
  • "Who were my biggest publishers last month?"
  • "Which are my fastest-growing publishers?"
  • "Show me the total revenue my top 10 affiliates generated for the last 30 days."’s system will then pull the necessary data from the CJ API at a partnership level, analyze it using proprietary AI technology to tell you what's up, down, and why, and deliver strategic suggestions based on that analysis. estimates an overall 90% reduction in time spent on general affiliate reporting—think about what that means for agency partners who manage multiple accounts! 😮


How to Get for CJ

Technical implementation is a breeze and pricing is a steal! While the cost of is usually $100/month per advertiser account, CJ clients get 20% off, making it only $80/month per CID.

Advertisers and Agency clients can access and integrate through CJ's API in just a few easy steps:

  1. Sign up at (CJ clients get 20% off!)
  2. Grab a CJ API token from our Developer Portal
  3. Select "CJ” and plug our API token into
  4. Download and install the bot for Slack or Microsoft Teams from
  5. Start chatting with your CJ data!

There’s so much more on the horizon for AI solutions at CJ! Stay tuned for further updates and developments from CJ and as we work to expand offerings to more CJ clients in the future.


CJ is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that improve our client’s daily lives. We’re thrilled to welcome to the growing list of incredible tech and data partners that open the door to unlimited opportunities.

Ready to get your very own AI-powered “virtual assistant” and start saving time? Sign up at today for 20% off!

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