A Toast to CJ Toastmasters

Apr 5, 2017
Written by Bryan C.

If I had to pick one, most valuable skill in affiliate marketing, it would have to be communication. Good communication skills are what allow you to build and sustain great relationships, an integral aspect of the affiliate channel.

That’s why I’m so proud to be a part of CJ Affiliate’s very own chapter of Toastmasters International, a global organization dedicated to teaching public speaking and leadership skills to its members for over 100 years.

For those of you not as familiar with this organization, here’s how Toastmaster functions at CJ:

  • Toastmasters is conducted via regular club meetings. With member schedules full of affiliate marketing responsibilities, we meet every two weeks for an hour.
  • Each meeting features prepared speeches, improvised pitches, and leadership roles like evaluators, timers, and of course, the “Toastmaster” (the meeting’s emcee).
  • Toastmasters International supports every club with high quality materials, visits from local directors, and major conferences to attend across the globe.

For us at CJ, using video conferencing to include all seven of our US offices offers the unique value of connecting with distant colleagues on a regular basis. One of my absolute favorite aspects of our meetings is that we are able to speak and laugh with dozens of fellow CJ Toastmasters cross-functionally and cross-country. Every meeting brings a new chance to grow both as a professional and as a person.

It’s hard to put into words the intangible value that Toastmasters offers, but after participating myself for 5 years, here are three benefits I’ve realized:

  • Self-Confidence: Think of the most influential people you can, and it’s not hard to see the power of bringing forth clear and confident ideas to those around them. Toastmasters offers a safe and open space for you to nurture your public speaking skills, which ultimately builds self-confidence.
  • Creativity Training: Nobody can predict the future, but moments of uncertainty can be tamed with practice in a safe environment. Toastmasters gives every member the chance to think on their feet in a supportive and constructive format; a rare opportunity in middle of the work day!
  • Mentorship: Whenever you’re not speaking in Toastmasters, you support others in ways that carry far beyond the club. Whether you do it proactively as you evaluate speaking skills or help to keep the meetings going, or just by being a great listener, the club’s value is truly derived from the service and mentorship each member offers one another.

Toastmasters puts you on the path to communicating more effectively than ever, and in affiliate marketing, this is incredibly valuable. I’m so proud to work for a company that offers me the chance to take part in this organization’s great work and values. Personal growth and professional growth, here at CJ, go hand in hand.

The next time you’re listening to a polished speaker at CJU, or even just the confident and positive presence of the CJ associate that’s helping you, just know…you might be talking to a real, live, CJ Toastmaster!

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