Treat Yourself to Trainings at CJU22

Aug 10, 2022
Written by CJ

If sessions are the content main course of CJU, then the Discovery Lab is the snack drawer overflowing with goodies and fun-size treats 🍓🍪🍿. Pop into the Discovery Lab for a 20-minute training (or two!) presented by CJ experts and partners.

We’ve created trainings on topics we know you care about: influencer strategies, global expansion, activating new partnerships, CJ’s latest tools, and more! Check out the list below to see what’s in store this year in the Discovery Lab and check out the CJU22 Agenda for more info.

Note: The Discovery Lab has limited seating and trainings are first come, first served. Reserve your seat in the CJ Universe or CJU22 App (iPhone, Android) today!


Influencer Marketing

Building Relationships with TikTok Creators to Power Your Affiliate Strategy
What once was thought to be just “that app where those young kids share dancing videos” is now a place where people of all ages congregate to connect…and shop! (#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt) In this training, taught by one of CJ’s creator-focused growth managers, you will learn how to create or improve your TikTok affiliate strategy through identifying new creators, knowing the elements of strong relationships, and how to bring out a creator’s best talent.

A Fresh Take on Working with Influencers and Creators
If you’re new to working with influencers or want to sharpen your know-how on what works best, come hear a fresh take on what’s working, and what’s not, with influencers today. This training will show you new ways to source and recruit influencers, while also covering the latest methods of measurement and analysis of influencer efforts.


Strategy & Best Practices

Identifying New Global Markets to Grow in, and How to Take Action
Global expansion and optimization are strategic objectives and key growth drivers for our clients. Why? They drive new revenue and help mitigate the impacts when markets are volatile. This training shares our data-driven approach to global market growth, including how to bring new market opportunities to light and what you can do to act on them.

Optimizing the Mobile Experience in Affiliate
Mobile traffic has equaled or surpassed desktop traffic across the CJ network over the past few years. As a brand marketer, you’ve probably noticed this trend, but do you have a dynamic strategy that will account for the nuances in mobile tracking and engagement? CJ partners with leading commerce technology, Button, to easily empower brands to create optimized mobile experiences that yield more effective outcomes. In this training, learn how CJ brands can seamlessly unlock new revenue streams and drive stronger LTV customer relationships by enabling Button’s turn-key app and SMS solutions.

Creating Winning Partnerships with Subaffiliates
Subaffiliate relationships can be a huge “win-win” for advertisers and publishers, but there can also be headaches and misunderstandings without diligent management and clear communication. Hear from Network Quality experts about how advertisers and publishers can partner for success including program terms best practices, promotional method transparency, and property-level reporting. Also, learn about how CJ is partnering with top-notch subnetworks to deliver transparency and open new relationship opportunities.

Future-proofing Publisher Revenue with CJ’s Publisher Tag
At CJ, future-proofing our tracking capabilities against changing regulations and browser restrictions is front of mind. As a part of our upgraded tracking offerings, CJ's Publisher Tag solution puts future-proofing technology in the hands of those whose revenue is most at risk, our publishers. Designed to include a variety of tracking integrity and convenience features for publishers, this training introduces Publisher Tag’s function, benefits, and what’s at stake for publishers as third-party cookie restrictions expand into Chrome.

How to Win New Relationships and Succeed with CJ
Whether new to affiliate or just in need of a refresher, this training is designed for publishers looking for tips and best practices to secure new advertiser partnerships. Attendees will learn how to elevate a publisher profile to support recruitment and outreach and the best ways to achieve long-term affiliate growth. You’ll hear directly from members of CJ’s respected Publisher Growth team about which tools, reports, and publisher resources you could be using to really reach your maximum publisher potential with CJ.

Developing Impactful Strategies to Acquire New Customers
Regardless of industry or size of the program, nearly every affiliate marketing team is tasked by senior-level executives to drive quantifiable growth. Whether you’re looking to drive top-line revenue growth, all the way to an increase in bookings or sign-ups and everything in between, there’s no better way to achieve consistent results than bringing in new customers. Throughout this training, we’ll discuss best practices for acquiring and retaining new customers through the affiliate channel, and pro tips on how to use CJ products to advance your strategy.


Data, Reporting, & Tech

Placement Analysis Evolved: CJ’s Campaigns Solution
Come learn how CJ has addressed the need to manage and track media placement proposals, bookings, and performance on demand and all in one place. CJ’s Campaigns Solution, intuitively designed with centralized and efficient end-to-end campaign lifecycle management, drives real results and offers a competitive advantage by securing the right placements with the right partners. Note, that this report is available to revenue-focused clients in an early access stage and will be available to all clients in the near future.

Prepare for Q4 Shopping with CJ’s New Holiday Analysis Reports
The newly launched Holiday Analysis dashboard brings the power of CJ’s data scientists on-demand and into the CJ platform, and we expect it to play a critical role in clients’ Q4 planning. With an overview of the dashboard and strategies for how performance data before, during, and after peak holiday events can be applied to program strategies, this training will help advertisers fully optimize for the back half of the year.

Achieve Real-time Data Transfers with CJ’s APIs
Retail advertisers and agencies can now take advantage of CJ’s latest Product Import API, built to enable rapid data transfer between affiliate partners utilizing CJ’s standardized Shopping Feed. This training will explain how this API brings additional functionality to both retail brands and publishers, including new ways for advertisers to modify their catalog and new query functionality for publishers. Come learn how this API could be used to radically change the entire product feed cycle by allowing for greater flexibility, control, and real-time updating.

A View into the Full Customer Journey with CJ’s Cross-Channel Journey Report
CJ has extended the view into customer journeys beyond affiliate and into all channels. Clients integrated with our universal tag can now see the full customer path across different channels and understand where the affiliate channel contributed to discovery, evaluation, and purchase. This training will walk attendees through the reporting’s methodology and views and show how its data can uncover synergies between channels and maximize investment and messaging to get the best outcomes.

How to Use Compliance Data Insights to Prevent Violations and Improve Your Program
Learn what Compliance Violation Tracking is all about and how to get the most from CJ’s on-demand program compliance data insights and detailed documentation. Quickly recognize trends or anomalies and be empowered to understand the causes of compliance issues and take action to mitigate future violations. These insights are available to advertisers with CJ Program Compliance services and to all publishers.

Understanding CJ’s New Incrementality Analysis, and How to Get It for Your Program
Marketers talk a lot about incrementality, but every client seems to think about it differently. So, it’s kind of amazing that CJ has created a way for clients to understand the incrementality of the channel, publishers, and transactions, specific to each client's definition of incrementality. This training will introduce you to CJ’s Affiliate Incrementality Analysis and how it measures shopper behavior, comparing shoppers that have not been engaged by the affiliate channel vs. those who have, and measuring the behavioral differences.


Whatever you might have on your schedule this year, we hope that you set aside some time to learn from your affiliate peers and industry thought leaders at CJU22 in Santa Barbara, CA on September 12-15.


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