Prep for CJU22 with this Essential Guide

Jul 27, 2022
Written by Jodi Ford

CJU is back beachside and better than ever! After two years of virtual events, we’re thrilled to welcome clients back to sunny Santa Barbara for CJU22.

Whether you’re new to CJU, still considering attending, or just need a refresher, this handy guide will break down all of the essential CJU22 details and provide helpful tips to prepare.


What is CJU?

CJU is our annual client conference that brings together approximately 800 clients and 250 CJ staff for a multi-day event filled with networking, compelling content, learning opportunities, and more.

Hosted in the beautiful beachside town of Santa Barbara, California—where CJ first started—CJU is widely regarded as the top event in the affiliate industry. Our clients and teams love the opportunity to network with new and existing partners, learn best practices, and develop forward-thinking strategies for Q4 and beyond. For all of us at CJ, CJU gives us the chance to deepen relationships with our clients through fruitful meetings and fun experiences.


CJU22 Event Details & Resources

CJU is an action-packed event—here’s a quick breakdown of all of the event details you may be wondering about:

Where and when is CJU22? CJU22 will be held September 12 – 15, 2022 at the Hilton Beachfront Resort, in Santa Barbara, California.

Where should I stay for CJU22? Although most clients prefer to stay at the host hotel, rooms sell out fast! However, you can add yourself to the Hilton waitlist and check out our curated list of recommended hotels on our CJU Travel & Lodging page.

How is CJ addressing health and safety at CJU22 as it pertains to Covid-19? Were keeping a close eye on the situation and will immediately communicate if any developments or changes arise. Please review our CJU Health and Safety page for more info.

What type of events should I expect at CJU22? We like to think that CJU has the perfect balance of work and play. There’s plenty of time set aside for structured meetings, but also tons of fun networking events that allow you to meet and mingle with attendees of all backgrounds. If you’re looking to get inspired or expand your affiliate toolkit, we have tons of educational main stage sessions and small group trainings in the Discovery Lab. Check out the CJU22 agenda to see the full list of everything that CJU22 has in store!

If you’re unable to attend CJU22, most main stage sessions will be recorded and available after the event.

Is there a CJU22 event app? What do CJU22 attendees use to navigate the event? Once you’ve successfully registered for CJU22, you’ll get an invite to join CJ Universe (available on desktop and mobile app). CJ Universe is a one-stop shop to plan and keep track of your schedule, connect with attendees, access the interactive venue map, stay up to date on sessions and events, get restaurant recommendations and shuttle info, take notes, and more!

What’s CJU like? The energy of CJU can be hard to convey in words alone! If this is your first time attending CJU, or you feel a bit rusty after two years away from our in-person event, the best way to get a feel for the CJU vibes is to watch video footage from an actual event!



How to Prepare for Meetings at CJU

Once your registration is complete, it’s time to prepare your schedule for networking, sessions, and partner meetings. There are so many ways to fill your day, so here are a few best practices to consider:

Meeting Type and Length Recommendations

Not all meetings require the same things! CJU meetings usually fall into one of these categories:

The Meet and Greet: A short meeting to say hi 🤗, put faces to names, or catch up with an existing partner. Since these meetings are more informal, they can be held in communal spaces that don’t require a space reservation like the Hilton lobby, patio, hotel bar, or even during breakfast or lunch. Just make sure to be extra specific about time and place or provide a distinguishing feature so your partner can find you easily! (Hotel lobby, in front of the fig plant, red shirt).

The Strategic Deep Dive: A longer meeting to discuss goals, KPIs, business challenges, media negotiation, new opportunities, or products. Since there can be a lot to cover in these meetings, we recommend booking no less than 30 minutes. Reserve a table in the Zone in the CJ Universe or meet at a partner’s Dedicated Meeting Space.

Pro Tip: Include your mobile number in your CJ Universe profile to receive text message alerts and meeting reminders to make sure you never miss a meeting or a meeting communication! This is extra helpful to keep you aware if someone needs to cancel, move a meeting, or can't find you.


What to Bring to a CJU Partner Meeting

Once you’ve booked meetings with partners, it’s important to prepare notes to make your conversations as effective and impactful as possible. Consider including the following:

For Potential Partners:

  • Partnership status (no relationship, pending offer/application)
  • Business overview
  • Requirements to partner
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Upcoming opportunities

For Existing Partners:

  • Partnership status (active)
  • Recent performance and current program term
  • Q4 planning
  • Planning for the upcoming year
  • Optimization challenges/wins/top growth categories
  • Upcoming expansion/tech updates/business changes
  • Media kit updates/timing and recommended placements to test (if applicable)


What to Pack for CJU

We can’t wait to see you, so grab your suitcase and get ready to network, learn, and make memories with the best of the best in the affiliate marketing industry!

What’s the weather like at CJU? How should I dress? September in Santa Barbara is typically sunny with an average of 75 degrees during the daytime and 65 degrees at night. Business casual dress during the day, dress-to-impress for the Wednesday night events (Cocktail Hour & ½, Awards Dinner, and Afterparty), and a sweater or light jacket for the evenings and hotel meeting rooms.

Here are a few things we suggest packing for Santa Barbara:

  • Laptop or tablet and charger
  • Notebook and pens
  • Business cards
  • One sheets or printouts for meetings (business overview, media kit, performance results, etc.)
  • Mints or gum
  • Hand sanitizer (stations will be available throughout the venue, but it’s always handy to have your own!)
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Sandals or flip-flops for the Beach Party
  • Excitement, energy, big ideas, a smile
  • Don’t forget your OOO message on your email!


Still have questions? Check our CJU FAQ!

If this is your first CJU, make sure to add the session “How to Navigate Your First CJU” to your agenda.


CJU22 is just around the corner, and we hope these tips are helpful as you prep for the event. Safe travels!

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