How is Innovating ‘Lifestyle Giving’ With Ethical Ecommerce

Jun 27, 2023
Written by CJ

Social responsibility is becoming a crucial part of a company's DNA and the ecommerce industry is no exception.

One player leading the charge in this space? Ecommerce platform,! They’ve seamlessly integrated social impact into their business model, revolutionizing the concept of 'lifestyle giving' and connecting brands, shoppers, and charities via their ethical ecommerce initiative, SavingsCARES. Bianca Mitchell, Partnerships Director at dives into all the details.


cj-affiliate-2023-bianca-mitchell-savings-comBianca Mitchell, Partnerships Director,



Riding the Wave of Ethical Commerce launched SavingsCARES in April 2023 as a response to the heightened inflation experienced across the globe. The unique ecommerce fundraising program bridges commerce, consumers, and charities, offering a way for customers to shop ethically while making a tangible difference. SavingsCARES enables shoppers to continue buying the products they love and associated brands commit a portion of their revenue to charitable causes. Brands that sign up for this program can effectively respond to inflationary pressures, maintain customer loyalty, and contribute to society in a meaningful way.


Empowering Consumers

With SavingsCARES, every purchase matters. Consumers make their shopping experience more meaningful when a part of their spending contributes to social causes. This not only reinforces customer loyalty but also instills a sense of empowerment among consumers as they know they’re making a difference. The program adds a whole new dimension to the shopping experience by transforming ordinary consumer transactions into powerful tools for change. It serves as a reminder that supporting a good cause is not always about direct donations but can also be a lifestyle choice, making 'giving back' an integral part of daily life.


Supporting Charities Amidst the Inflation Challenge

Charities have faced a myriad of challenges due to inflation, one of them being reduced donations. In these trying times, SavingsCARES offers a much-needed lifeline. As brands commit a percentage of their revenues to charities, it ensures a continuous flow of funds to these organizations, enabling them to continue their valuable work. Since the program launched in April 2023, has donated over $15,000 to select charities, including Rainforest Trust, Save the Children, and Special Olympics Washington—and there’s more to come!


Building Brand Value

Brands associated with SavingsCARES benefit significantly as they align themselves with a socially responsible initiative. It positions them as 'ethical brands' in the eyes of consumers who increasingly prefer companies that contribute to societal good. It helps brands not only to retain existing customers but also attract new ones, contributing to overall business growth.


The Power of Partnerships

SavingsCARES showcases the incredible impact of partnerships within the ecommerce ecosystem. By fostering collaborations with various stakeholders, they’ve created an innovative model that boosts economic activity while fulfilling social responsibilities. Through this initiative, has demonstrated how businesses can play an integral role in addressing societal challenges—setting an excellent example for the entire industry.

Through SavingsCARES, is promoting a 'lifestyle of giving', where consumers, brands, and charities are all woven into a fabric of shared responsibility and care. This innovative model represents the future of ecommerce, where businesses drive economic growth while making a significant social impact.


Interested in working with or being a part of SavingsCARES? Contact Bianca Mitchell at to get started.


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