ViewThrough Tracking Gets a Makeover

Apr 20, 2016
Written by Marissa M.

CJ is pleased to announce enhancements to our ViewThrough tracking technology, which allows advertisers to commission publishers on an ad impression that leads to a transaction. Advertisers can now adjust commission for individual products or SKUs and they can now commission on text links, in addition to banners!

How exactly does CJ do ViewThrough, you ask? Let's address a few questions regarding CJ's approach to ViewThrough tracking.


How does ViewThrough fit into Affiliate Marketing?

Some publisher business models focus on influencing conversions indirectly, rather than capturing the last click. For example, content blogs or display campaigns may introduce a consumer to a product or brand, and instead of clicking on an ad, the consumer navigates directly to the advertiser's website and completes a transaction. These publishers influenced the transaction, but would not receive commission on a last click only payment model. However, they could be compensated via ViewThrough.

What's the difference between a ViewThrough payment model and a CPM payment model?

CJ's ViewThrough solution is not paying publishers on a Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM) basis! CPM campaigns award publishers payment for ad impressions viewed by consumers. CJ's ViewThrough solution allows advertisers to award commissions for actual transactions that originated from impressions that publishers have influenced.

How can I be sure ViewThrough tracking is accurate?

CJ's ViewThrough tracking is part of CJ's core tracking suite and relies on CJ's cookie based tracking functionality - no correlation or guesswork! Full performance and transaction reporting is available for ViewThrough transactions on a per-publisher basis, and commission is only awarded if the transaction takes place within the designated referral period set by advertisers.

Will I pay commissions to more than one CJ publisher?

Two publishers would never be commissioned for the same transaction within the CJ network. If a consumer clicks on an affiliate link and proceeds to complete a transaction, the publisher who drove the transaction from a consumer's click would earn the commission.

I already have an attribution solution; how does ViewThrough fit in?

CJ's View Through tracking is not designed to replace any attribution providers, but rather offer an alternative way to reward publishers for influencing transactions.

What if I'm only interested in commissioning select publishers on a ViewThrough basis?

Not a problem!View Through can be enabled on a per-publisher basis at an advertiser's discretion.

Does ViewThrough tracking function for banner ads and text links?

Yes! ViewThrough tracking functions for text links, banner ads, and flash links.

Am I able to use ViewThrough to commission publishers differently for individual products or SKUs?

Yes! Advertisers can select specific products or SKUs and adjust commission rates for both click and ViewThrough based transactions accordingly. For example, let's say an advertiser sells T-shirts and tennis shoes, and would like to commission publishers 10% of sale on T-shirt purchases, and 5% of sale on tennis shoe purchases. This advertiser will now be able to take advantage of ViewThrough tracking and maintain this commission structure!

Interested in learning more? Please feel free to contact your CJ account team or submit a ticket to the Client Support and Client Integration teams via the Support Center. If you would like more information about becoming an advertiser in the CJ Affiliate network, learn more and apply here.

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