What in the World Wide Web: Moving Forward in the Face of Privacy Changes

Jun 6, 2019
Written by CJ

This is part one of a series discussing recent digital privacy trends. Here we begin by sharing our philosophy. Head over to part two to read all about CJ's technical approach. 


Technology is getting smarter and so are customers. They expect businesses to use technology the same way they do—to power decision-making that ultimately brings them something of value: an improved product, a better price, an impressive experience, peace of mind about doing business with a brand. This consumer power mandates corporate responsibility.


What Does this Mean for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketers sit where technology, innovation, brands, and customers intersect. There’s an enormous amount of opportunity and responsibility in that, and as a network, we take this very seriously. Privacy by design has long been at the foundation of the way we do business. Affiliate marketing is a data-light marketing channel. That said, we understand that as technology advances, so do consumer expectations and the need for brands to keep pace. Advertisers and Publishers require richer data to make better decisions, and we are doubling down on our data-driven solution suite to help clients meet those needs—all while respecting consumer privacy, prioritizing data security, and providing transparency about how data is used.


What Does this Mean for Advertisers?

Technology has empowered consumers to make deliberate and informed decisions about where, when, and how to spend money. This conscious consumerism has created a force for real change and evened out the race to win wallets; it requires transparency and responsibility from brands to earn the trust of prospective customers, and to maintain the loyalty of the consumers they already have.

It is a marketer’s job to truly understand their brand’s customers; to reach them, keep them, and to do so in ways—and with partners—that respect their basic right to privacy and security. When customers trust brands with their data as they interact online, it becomes all of our responsibility to manage that data securely, and to use that data responsibly.


What Does this Mean for Publishers?

For more than 20 years, affiliate networks have driven innovation in ecommerce, evidenced by advancements in Publisher models that have risen to meet everchanging consumer needs. From sophisticated shopping convenience technologies, to platforms for real-life human storytelling, Publishers know customers, and deliver differentiated value through unique audiences and performance models.

The affiliate channel’s longevity is a testament to the network effect (the depth and breadth of value generated from connecting in a network environment), and its ability to adapt to drive valuable outcomes for all parties: Advertisers, Publishers, and customers alike. The collective whole will persevere through changing technologies to bring this value to market, and to grow its influence across the broader marketing landscape now, and in the years to come.


CJ’s Approach to Apple ITP 2.2 and Impending Privacy Legislation

As many are now aware, Apple is forcing all companies to take data management and security seriously. While we can’t predict the future, we are committed to helping brands better understand and reach customers through a deep and innovative network of Publishers who know them well.

The industry is moving to server-side implementations for ad-attribution tracking, in response to ITP, and government regulation. We understand that to improve first party data management and data transfer practices requires investment, time, and governance. We know projects of this magnitude may take time and orchestration across multiple business units and vendors. In the interim, we’ve built payment and integration solutions that protect Advertiser and Publisher relationships, and we will continue to evolve our solutions and technology to grow our businesses together through the next 20 years. CJ has a suite of integration solutions to select from that will meet your business where you are, and grow with you.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about where we’re headed, which of our solutions best meets your needs, or to collaborate on projects in development.


To read more about our technical approach to recent privacy changes, please read the second part in our series, Advertiser Integration Solutions for ITP 2.2 and Beyond.



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