Streamline GTM Server-Side Tracking with Addingwell

Jun 27, 2024
Written by CJ

We’re excited to announce that Google Tag Manager server-side tagging solution, Addingwell, is now a CJ integration partner!

As ad blockers, privacy tools, and third-party cookie deprecation become the norm, concurrent and server-side tracking play a critical part in accurate affiliate measurement. Our partnership with Addingwell is part of a broader strategic initiative to help CJ advertisers upgrade their tracking—even if tech resources are limited.


The Benefits of Using Addingwell for Server-Side Tracking

If you’re currently using Google Tag Manager (GTM), Addingwell offers everything you need to make the server-to-server integration process a breeze:

  • Simple Setup: Addingwell provides reliable server-side hosting for GTM with plug-and-play templates for CJ advertisers. They offer a simple, streamlined integration process.
  • No Tech Team Required: Your marketing team can set up everything you need without any development resources. Just follow a few easy steps and you’re good to go!
  • Tracking Health: Addingwell offers in-depth tag monitoring to ensure your tracking works as expected.
  • Support: Should you have questions along the way, Addingwell offers unlimited support (including phone calls!).

Learn more about the CJ x Addingwell partnership in this short video.


Get a Discounted Rate on Addingwell

CJ clients qualify for a special offer from Addingwell:

  • Your first month is free (up to €390 value)
  • Free sandbox for testing (no credit card required)
  • Unlimited support for setup, including phone calls


Not yet a CJ client? Request a free consultation to learn more about CJ’s robust tracking solutions and integration partners.

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