Plug into Growth with CJ's Ecommerce Plugins

20 Apr, 2021
Written by Ramya Kurugodu

With the recent surge in ecommerce, brands are looking for easy ways to expand their global reach and to tap into opportunities presented by the new normal. The rapid adoption of CJ’s ecommerce plugins over the last six months is evidence of this trend.

CJ’s applications for Shopify and Magento have made affiliate marketing integration easy and accessible for advertisers with ecommerce stores that run on these platforms. With an impressive record of 200+ installations since October 2020, our free apps available in the Shopify App Store and Magento Marketplace have been embraced by brands of all sizes, verticals, and regions with fantastic results - use of our ecommerce plugins expedited integration and onboarding time by an average of 50%. By significantly expediting launches, CJ can expedite driving scalable, profitable, global growth for these businesses through affiliate sales and revenue.

Benefits to Advertisers

At the core of these ecommerce plugins is a turnkey implementation that provides advertisers with the simplest and most efficient method to integrate and launch in the CJ network. With the use of CJ's Universal Tag within the apps, advertisers can rely on CJ to help maintain tracking integrity in the face of browser and regulatory changes.

These user-friendly plugins have been designed to take just minutes for complete setup and do not require any development:

  • Our Magento ecommerce plugin unlocks a trusted server-side integration with CJ, which means advertisers can now use the same technology for partnership success that they use for their own website success. Some store admins have even customised the implementation of multiple stores within a single website using the CJ plugin.

  • Our Shopify ecommerce plugin has been popular among brands of varying verticals, regions, market size, and complexity. This coupled with CJ's distinctive ability to meet client needs through a broad range of products and expertise creates harmony between the onboarding and post-launch experience that maximises value for brands.

With a built-in feature to track new and returning customers, advertisers unlock access to CJ’s Customer Analysis Dashboard within Insights and Situational Commissioning solution for reporting and investment differentiation between customer segments. Plugins have also enabled coupon code reporting for advertisers, capturing both cart-level discounts as well as item-level discounts.

Each brand is unique and so is each integration. We’ve seen some advertisers use a plugin to take advantage of CJ’s rich reporting capabilities - successfully integrating over 15+ order-level attributes. Others integrate with basic product-level tracking to simply gain access to Product Performance reporting through our Insights reporting suite.

A Truly Global Impact for Global Brands

CJ’s plugins have been built to respect global privacy laws and thus have seen worldwide adoption. Twenty-six per cent of brands launching with a plugin launched from the EU. Owing to the significant global presence of our global brands, CJ’s plugins honour users’ consent and demonstrate adherence to GDPR and ePrivacy directive compliance guidelines.

CJ is the platform of choice for over 3,800 global advertiser brands across all verticals including retail, travel, finance, technology, and network & home services. The global nature of our ecosystem has driven us to capture the customer country on conversion and enable advertisers to understand the global reach of their program and publishers. Integrating with our plugins provide this capability without requiring any additional development.


To take advantage of our plugins, you must have a CJ advertiser account. Contact us to get started today.

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Situational Commissioning

Situational Commissioning is a powerful, rule-based commissioning solution that allows advertisers to build and reward on high-value commissioning scenarios based on order attributes unique to their business.


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