Your Questions About Recruitment, Answered

Aug 20, 2020
Written by CJ

In a year when business growth is more important than ever before, recruiting new publishers into your affiliate program is a no-brainer.

We truly believe that recruitment is the lifeblood of long-term growth and that the most fruitful path to recruitment success is with the power of a thriving community at your fingertips (*cough* the CJ network). To really hammer this point home and assist in your recruitment efforts, we pulled together our top content about recruitment in one handy place to address your most pressing questions.

Let’s get into it.


Does continuous recruitment really make a difference?

This is easy—YES! We examined CJ network data over a five-year span and discovered that while publishers that were in a program in the first year still contributed a meaningful percentage of advertiser program revenue, on average, 60% of program revenue comes directly from newly recruited publisher partnerships. Read our article, A Data-Driven Look at the Impact of Continual Publisher Recruitment on Long-Term Growth for the full story.


What about a recruitment success story?

We've got one. Check out this case study, Consumer Electronics Brand Sees Big Growth from Recruitment & Activation to learn how CJ’s recruitment solutions and network expertise helped this new-to-affiliate advertiser identify, recruit, and activate a diverse mix of publishers to reach key customer demographics in international markets for a revenue increase of 265% YOY in Q3 and Q4.


How are current events affecting recruitment efforts?

They’re more important than ever. When Amazon made massive cuts to their affiliate program in April 2020 during the pandemic, many publishers went looking for new monetization options. Since then, the CJ network has seen an unprecedented amount of new publisher sign-ups as new publishers are embracing the network affiliate model. Read our article, Amazon Pull-Back from Affiliate Offers Prime Opportunity for Advertisers to find out more about how to capitalize on this opportunity and welcome new publishers into your program.


Which publishers should I be recruiting?

Our articles Looking Beyond Traditional Affiliates: Is Content King? and The Right Way to Engage with New Affiliate Partners dive deeper into how you should be thinking about expanding your publisher base and the promotional models you should consider beyond your tried and true affiliate partners. In addition, TM+ publishers and Buy Now Pay Later models are performing well in our current climate.


How do I find content publishers and influencers?

Ah yes, everyone’s burning question! Start off by reading our article, How to Identify the Right Influencer Partners to figure out where to start and the CJ tools that can help you along the path to influencer marketing success. What does success look like? Luxury retailer, Lacoste, identified and grew key content relationships after migrating to CJ, and within six months of being live in the CJ network, 28% of Lacoste’s site visits through affiliate were driven by content partnerships.


Can I use the CJ Account Manager to find and recruit new partners?

Absolutely! We recently launched a revitalized recruitment experience, Recruit Partners, that taps into rich data sets and smart matching capabilities. Don’t be shy—spend some time playing around in the Recruit Partners tab in your CJ account and create a recruitment list. New partners are only a step away!


Here’s to new partners!

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