Maximizing Affiliate Within Your Organization

Dec 7, 2020
Written by CJ

Want to know how to best position the affiliate channel and garner a greater share of your organization’s marketing spend and investment? 

This training from the CJU20 Digital Series shares the most persuasive points that will help decision-makers in your organization really understand the channel’s opportunity and value. This training is based on first-hand knowledge of what works in terms of setting affiliate up for greater, long-term investment.

If you're based in Europe, head over to the recording of CJU20 Digital Encore for Europe: Maximising Affiliate Within Your Organisation.

In this video: Camille Ip, VP, Corporate Development, CJ and Jacob Jeffery, Group Director, Client Development, CJ


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The CJU20 Digital Series was held across three days in September 2020 and this session was originally broadcast live on September 23, 2020. To learn more about CJU, visit,

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