Own Your Affiliate Strategy: Tips to Monetize Your Influence

Mar 1, 2021
Written by Gabrielle Pajer

In this webinar, CJ’s influencer experts reveal how top content creators harness the power of affiliate marketing to strengthen brand relationships and generate significant online revenue.

Investment shifts spurred by the pandemic caused brands to seek a trackable, results-driven strategy for their marketing spend, making the transparency of the affiliate channel a necessity for influencer marketing in 2021. Influencers have felt this shift and are leaning into affiliate as a revenue driver more than ever before to grow their businesses. The pay-for-performance nature of affiliate and its resilience creates a huge opportunity for both parties.


Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How brands and networks have adapted to the explosion in ecommerce shopping.

  • Tips for affiliate revenue growth from lifestyle site, How Does She.

  • Actionable insights to build long-lasting affiliate partnerships.

In this video: Corinne Travis, Director of Influencer & Brand Partnerships at CJ; Gabrielle Pajer, Influencer Marketing Manager at CJ; Nicolette McKinlay, Sponsorship Manager at How Does She.


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