Privacy by Design: GDPR & Digital Advertising

May 23, 2018
Written by CJ

The IAB Europe, IMRG, Conversant, and CJ Affiliate form an expert panel to help you gain clarity into the obligations for Advertisers and Publishers, brought about by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In this webinar recording, experts explain how our free solution—the Consent Tool—can help you to gain GDPR compliant consent for your digital advertising activity. Watch the webinar recording below (originally featured on our EU blog) then claim access to the Consent Tool—it's free for both publishers and advertisers, whether you work with us or not. Clients are already raving about these solutions and CJ Affiliate’s approach to the GDPR.

I treat my blog like a serious business, and I need to work with partners who do the same. When GDPR regulations came out with a lot of requirements put on bloggers and others, I truly appreciate that CJ Affiliate took this as seriously as I did. They were leaps and bounds ahead of other partnerships and networks I work with in terms of their response to the needs from communicating their stance to providing tools for us to use to remain in compliance. This forward-thinking attitude is a big reason why I want to push as much of my business as possible to CJ Affiliate.

Learn more about the Consent Tool and our other solutions in this Junction article.


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