Advertiser Spotlight: Fiverr

Apr 5, 2022
Written by CJ

When Fiverr joined the CJ network in 2017, its unique product offering caught our eye. Both startups and established businesses alike can benefit from a pair of extra hands and expertise on certain projects—which is exactly where Fiverr comes in. They’re a freelance service marketplace for businesses to find and hire freelancers for various types of digital projects ranging from logos to SEO strategy.

We chatted with Dani Mansoor, Director of Affiliates & Partnerships at Fiverr to learn more about the company, the creative ways that brands are using their marketplace, and how publishers can best position their services.



Dani Mansoor, Director of Affiliates & Partnerships



CJ: Tell us more about Fiverr.

Dani: Fiverr’s been around for 12 years, and during this time it’s become the leading online marketplace for digital services, connecting individuals and businesses with talented freelancers.

What makes us unique is the wide range of services and sellers on our platform, which, in turn, allows us to cater to projects and budgets of all sizes.


CJ: Share five words that describe your brand.

Dani: Original, professional, creative, accessible, diverse.


CJ: Where did the name Fiverr come from?

Dani: Originally, Fiverr was a marketplace where all services cost $5. Therefore, the name has been inspired by the five-dollar bill: the fiver. Since then, we’ve upped our level of sophistication, which necessitated raising the price tags.


CJ: Who are your customers? What problems are they looking for Fiverr to solve?

Dani: Our customers are anyone and everyone—from established businesses looking to cut hiring costs and save on manpower by outsourcing specific tasks, to solopreneurs still trying to decide on a logo.

As we said, there’s a pretty large variety of services that can be found on Fiverr (including Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Business, Lifestyle, and more), so anyone seeking to sell or buy services within those categories is a potential customer.


CJ: It seems like Fiverr provides businesses with a lot of options and flexibility—what are some creative ways that brands are using Fiverr?

Dani: In addition to the Fiverr marketplace, which provides brands with a simple and efficient way to supplement their in-house talent, there are several strategic products under the Fiverr umbrella, which together, form a complete, all-in-one solution for professionals looking to boost productivity:

Fiverr Business: A fully-curated marketplace that allows businesses to gain access to top freelance experts, easily create and manage internal teams, assign projects to team members, track the progress of tasks, and more.

Fiverr Logo Maker: An automated tool that combines human design and AI to create logos based on buyers’ preferences.

Fiverr Learn: An educational platform that offers online courses in many categories, created especially for freelancers and businesses.

Fiverr Workspace: A powerful, fully automated time and task management platform.


CJ: What qualities do you look for in a partner? What are some successful ways you’ve seen publishers promote Fiverr?

Dani: We’re here to stay, so we’re looking for long-lasting relations with partners, who are passionate about promoting us and regularly pursue new and creative ways to reach the right audience.

Some effective ways we’ve seen Fiverr promoted have been:

  • Placing native Fiverr ads within articles and blog posts
  • Showcasing made-on-Fiverr materials, such as songs and videos, to audiences (especially relevant to influencers)
  • Integrating a Fiverr CTA on relevant platforms to enhance user experience
  • Integrating Fiverr Logo Maker into website builders and design platforms
  • Inserting affiliate links in Youtube video descriptions for services such as thumbnail design, animated logos, transitions, visual effects, etc.
  • Referring to Fiverr’s NFT services within NFT-related content

Our partners can also frame Fiverr as a complementary service for almost anything, including website building, as a solution for content, design, logos, marketing, etc., and video services, as a solution for voiceovers, scripts, intro logos, music, editing, etc.


CJ: Which products/services should new publishers focus their energy on promoting?

Dani: Publishers should always focus on categories that will be relevant for their audience. Services that are popular among the general population may not be as popular among specific groups or demographics.

If their audience is not category-based, they should focus on the trending categories and best sellers on our marketplace. The top categories on Fiverr today are NFT, Logo Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing, SEO, and WordPress.


CJ: What trends do you see arising within affiliate or the digital space and how are you handling them?

Dani: NFT is by far the hottest trending category in the digital space and among affiliates. Fiverr offers one of the largest NFT Marketplaces, with thousands of high-quality, experienced, and professional freelancers offering their services in the NFT world (like Art Collections, Animation, and more). And we’re currently offering an increased CPA for this category.


CJ: Are there any unique trends you’ve been seeing in the markets you currently operate?

Dani: Though NFT creation is by far the hottest-trending service in the digital market, there are many other categories gaining or maintaining momentum, including Social Media Marketing, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, SEO, Lead Generation, and of course, Logo Design, which is always super popular.

We’re seeing more and more users turning to Fiverr for help in building an online identity, which generally involves website building, logo creation, marketing services, bug sorting, ecommerce services, and more.


CJ: Why partner with Fiverr?

Dani: Fiverr offers an extremely attractive commission plan, in addition to a wide variety of products that can suit many different partnerships. Being the largest freelance marketplace for digital services, Fiverr has a strong, recognizable brand that sells itself, making it easier for affiliates to drive conversions.


CJ: What are the next steps if a publisher wants to partner with you?

Dani: Easy! Simply log in to your CJ account. Apply to our program and start sending potential buyers our way!

And if you need to talk to a human being, you can always contact us at or reach out to your CJ account manager.


CJ: And just for fun—if your brand had a signature karaoke song, what would it be and why?

Dani: A Whole New World from Aladdin. Fiverr is on a mission to change the way we work together and create a whole new world of business opportunities!


CJ: Wait, that was really good—let’s do one more! If Fiverr had a dream celebrity ambassador, who would it be and why?

Dani: Chuck Norris. Because there’s nothing we can’t do for our customers.


Thanks, Dani!

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