Affiliate Customer Journey Data Enhancements: Promotional Model & Property

Apr 12, 2022
Written by CJ

When we launched Affiliate Customer Journey reporting on-demand for all advertisers and publishers last year, we were ecstatic to provide the industries’ first game-changing data solution that provides transparency into the customer journey—driving better outcomes and unlocking growth opportunities for partnerships.

The goal for all of our solutions is to continuously gather feedback from our clients and innovation partners that allow us to introduce valuable new enhancements and functionality. To that end, we’re pleased to announce new data dimensions to our Customer Journey dashboards for both advertisers and publishers!


Publishers: Property Level Customer Journey

Sub-affiliate publishers and publishers who own multiple properties now can understand each property’s influence and see how customers interact with their properties throughout the path to purchase.

In the Affiliate Customer Journey dashboard, select Properties as the data dimension to view the entire dashboard and customer journey interactions by each property; use the Properties filter to drill down into specific properties to compare metrics.

Publishers can use this data to answer questions such as:

  • Which of my properties drive customers to convert without additional touchpoints?
  • What is the journey's average click-to-sale time for each of my properties?
  • Do interactions between properties drive higher AOVs?
  • Which properties have unique reach by driving the most Solo Journeys?


Advertisers & Agencies: Promotional Model & Property Level Customer Journey

Advertisers and agencies can view Affiliate Customer Journey data by active publishers’ primary promotional model and drill down to the property level. Select Promotional Model as the data dimension to view the entire dashboard and customer journey interactions by promotional model; use the Promotional Model filter to focus on specific models to evaluate how customers engage across model types. You can also view journey touchpoints at the property level for publishers that have multiple properties, such as a newsletter, blog, social account, and website.

Advertisers and agencies can use this data to answer questions such as:

  • How do different promotional models contribute to each phase of the customer journey?
  • Are some models driving more engagement in discovery or evaluation phases?
  • Which models have unique affiliate reach by driving the most Solo Journeys?
  • How do AOVs compare with each phase in the journey by promotional model?
  • Do customers interact with different publisher properties prior to making a purchase?


There are so many exciting insights to be discovered—explore these new enhancements to our Affiliate Customer Journey dashboards today!


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