Best Practices for Communicating with Publishers

Jul 28, 2017
Written by Elia Badran

Recently, we shared the top reasons an advertiser would want to reach out to their publishers, like sharing program, company, and promotional updates, or even to welcome a new publisher into your program.

Now that you have something to say, what is the best way to perform these types of outreach? Within the CJ Affiliate network, there are multiple ways to communicate with your publisher base, either on a one-to-many, or one-to-one basis.

Newsletters (one-to-many)

Sending out a newsletter via the “Email Campaigns” sub section of the “Mail” tab allows you to reach out to all your publishers at once. This is a great way to share anything related to:

  • Program/Company Updates
  • New Promotions
  • Product Updates
  • Any Special Contests or Activation Campaign/Bonus Incentives

Direct Publisher Communication (one-to-one)

As you review certain publisher-level reporting, or search for a publisher via the search functionality, you’ll note that publisher names are hyperlinked. When you click through a publisher’s name, it takes you to their publisher detail page. Here you have the ability to reach out to them directly by clicking on “Message” or by emailing them via your personal inbox using the contact information they’ve provided.

Sending direct emails allows you to:

  • Optimize current publisher performance, once you’ve analyzed your data
  • Work with publishers to create custom media packages for added brand exposure
  • Gain a better understanding of your publishers’ target user base and promotional methodologies
  • Leverage and work closer with social media influencers and bloggers
  • Start developing closer relationships with your publishers

Remember that these publishers are an extension of your company and want you to succeed as much as you do!

Recruitment Communication (one-to-many)

As you review the Recruit sub section within your account (Publishers > Recruit), you will have the ability to push out program terms to any publishers you want to invite into your program. CJ Affiliate provides the capability to include a custom message, which is optional, but highly recommended to leverage.

Include key points like: your top promotions, commission rate, websites you’re most interested in being featured on, any bonus incentives, and remember to tell your targeted recruits WHY you think they would be a great addition to your program!

Schedule Recurring Calls (one-to-one)

It’s a best practice to set up monthly calls with your top partners, and even quarterly calls with some mid-tier publishers. These calls can serve as performance check-ins, provide a platform to share current or upcoming promotions and peak seasonality, or discuss strategies like increasing NTF customers, or expansion with a certain demographic or geo-location.

Schedule In-Person Meetings (one-to-one)

Every year, our company hosts CJ University (CJU), an affiliate networking and education experience, for both advertisers and publishers. CJU has proven to be an effective way to create new business opportunities, meet face-to-face and refresh strategies with long-term partners, as well as provide a venue for hands-on training from our industry experts. Learn about all of the networking opportunities CJU has to offer.

Finally, as it relates to standard communication best practices, make sure that you set up your program description in the best light possible, as this is the initial communication touchpoint with publishers. Highlight any compelling key points or differentiators that sets your program apart from others.

Read How to Create an Attractive Program Description to learn more.

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