Cheers to 50+ Advertisers Live for 15+ Years

Dec 17, 2015
Written by George Yuhba

Founded in 1998, CJ Affiliate celebrated its 17th anniversary in November. Did you know 50+ advertisers have been with CJ for 15 years or more? Furthermore, almost 400 advertiser brands and—even more powerful—more than 1,000 publishers have been live in the network for over ten years.

As a successful and established CJ advertiser partner,'s Jordan Christensen describes the relationship's value to his marketing program. "CJ has been integral to Backcountry's marketing strategy for over 15 years. The network, technology, and knowledge that CJ provides has been invaluable to the success of our affiliate program and business."


Craig Cassata, president of Mr. Rebates, a longtime publisher in the CJ network, explains how CJ Affiliate has been an essential partner to his company for the past decade and a half:

I've witnessed CJ transform into one of the industry leaders by improving their technologies, offering more options, and streamlining the affiliate marketing process for publishers. CJ [is] an example of what was done 'right' in regards to tools that loyalty publishers typically use on a daily basis.

The staff at CJ has always been helpful and our account management team has always been second-to-none. Our account management team is proactive, which is an extremely strong boon to our business in a marketplace that changes so quickly from day to day.

All in all, CJ has provided a transparent affiliate solution that has been an essential asset in the growth of Mr. Rebates, Inc.

We'd like to extend a huge thanks to all of our longstanding advertiser and publisher partners for their confidence and support over the years.


Cheers to many more years of successful partnerships!


CJ Advertiser Brands Live 15+ Years: (partial list)


Happy Feet Plus

PowWeb Hosting

Babies Online

Hazelden Bookstore

Hollywood Mega Store

Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats

Best Deal Magazines

Serenity Health & Home Décor

Bonsai Boy of New York


Book Outlet

Kaspersky Lab

Smith Micro Software

London Pass

Teacher Created Resources

Love Scent Pheromone

Cooltan Tan-through Shirts & Swimwear


The Lighter Side Co.

Direct Gardening

Things You Never Knew Existed Online


Online Sports


Flowers Fast


Worldwide Sport Supply


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