CJ Affiliate's APIs: 5 Things You Should Know

Apr 10, 2017
Written by George Yuhba

Recently, one of our publishers said to me, “I didn’t know that your APIs at CJ did that!” After speaking with some other clients, it became clear that although many publishers know about the APIs at CJ Affiliate, many didn’t know about some of the great things that they can do.

I sat down with our Manager of Client Integrations, Owen Phipps, and we came up with the top five things you may not know—but should—about CJ Affiliate’s APIs:


Product Catalog Search API: It's Massive! 

CJ's roughly 3,000 advertisers worldwide account for over 114,000,000 product links that are available in CJ!


Product Catalog Search API: Access More Advertisers

When used with specific calls, CJ’s product search API can not only send you the results of the advertisers you are joined with, but also results from advertisers you are not joined with. As you know, you only earn commissions on advertisers you are partnered with. This API allows you to find advertisers you may be missing so you can log in and apply to join other programs. This discovery can also help create the foundation for both price comparison sites and a general insight into the marketplace on a particular product or category.


Link Search API: Create Your Own Coupons & Deals Tab/Section

Advertisers have the option to mark specific links as “Promotional”, which includes categories like Coupon, Free Shipping, Sale/Discount, and others. Using this API, with specific calls for “Promotional Type”, you can receive results that include all links that are promotional, with not only your CJ tracking link, but other fields such as the Name of the Advertiser, Category, and Start/End Dates. Use this information as a foundation to educate visitors on current offers online.


Advertiser Lookup API: All the Info in One Result

This API gives you all the information you want to know about CJ advertisers including, but not limited to, the following fields: Joined/Not Joined Status, Network Earnings, URL, Commission Rates, Category, Performance Incentive Options, and whether they are Mobile Certified. This gives you an understanding of who you have relationships with and how you can utilize CJ’s information to help make better business decisions on your side.


Commission Detail Service API: Faster than the Speed of the Server

Publishers can utilize our interface, or daily/monthly export feeds, to receive information on transactions. But what if you could see the transaction even before it posts?! Transactions are batched in throughout the hour in CJ’s system…BUT if you utilize our Commission Detail API, you can see some transactions even before they appear in the interface!

With some simple investments in technology, our publishers have the opportunity for an insider's view of the CJ network. For more information, visit our Support Center and search for "API" to see additional articles on this topic.

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