CJ Wins Big at the 2024 US Partnership Awards

Apr 18, 2024
Written by CJ

We're thrilled to share that CJ won seven awards at the 2024 US Partnership Awards (USPA)! 

Hosted by industry thought leader Hello Partner on the evening of April 17, 2024, in Miami, Florida, this year's USPA recognized the individuals, companies, and tech that nurture exceptional outcome-based performance from affiliate, brand, and influencer partnerships.

We're honored to announce our wins from the night:



  • Best Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Campaign - Woot! & CJ Score an Incremental $1M with an Insights-Based Expansion Effort
  • Best Technology & Telecoms Partnership - Verizon, Capital One Shopping, and CJ Grow 775% With Targeted Offers and Content
  • Together - We Solved That!  - LG and CJ Make a Must-Shop Electronics Destination and Drive $50M in Sales
  • Best Partnerships Team - Gamechangers: Expedia Group, Affirm, and CJ’s First-of-Its-Kind Media Partnership


  • Best Affiliate Program Optimization - Autodesk, Upsellit, and CJ Skyrocket Conversion Rates by Redirecting to Best Offers
  • Best Finance Partnership - Chime and CJ Go Big and Shatter Sales and Efficiency Goals
  • Partnership of the Year - Partnerships Reimagined: Google and CJ Unlock B2B Growth through Creative Recruitment

A huge thank you to Hello Partner for hosting such an amazing event, to the USPA judges for their time and effort,  and to everyone involved in these phenomenal partnerships. CJ's award haul at the USPAs is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Here's to many more victories and partnerships that continue to redefine success!

See the full list of winners and learn more

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