Exploring Cross-Device at AM Days

Jun 7, 2017
Written by CJ

On May 17th, CJ Affiliate was excited to take part in the Affiliate Management Days (AM Days) affiliate conference in San Francisco.

Organized by industry veteran Geno Prussakov, AM Days is a forum for managers and marketing executives responsible for their company’s affiliate marketing. The conference has quickly become an important one in the industry, with a curriculum focused on the client side.

CJ Product Managers, Jenny Gibson and Deirdre Peters, presented a session on why cross-device tracking is key for reinforcing the value of the affiliate channel.

Deirdre and Jenny Present at AM Days 2017

Value of Cross-Device

We live in a multi-device world where consumers often research purchases on one device and complete their purchase on a separate device. In their session, Jenny & Deirdre discussed how deterministic cross-device trackingat scale—unlocks better data, which in turn yields better insights.

Jenny discussed the idea of engagement by time of day, which, for example, analyzes a customer journey scenario where an initiating device (IE: mobile phone) is used in the morning while the concluding device (IE: laptop) is used in the evening. With data like this at your side, you can more effectively optimize advertising by spend, time of day, platform, and type of message.

Success Potential with Cross-Device

Deirdre later shed some light on the transaction percentage growth that publisher verticals stand to gain once CJ’s Cross-Device solution is enabled. Those figures showed an average double digit percentage lift for Content and Social publishers—proving the “closing power” of those verticals. The two then wrapped with strategies for success for both advertisers and publishers…and an even more significant statistic: for advertisers who have enabled cross-device tracking in CJ, they’re showing an average 12% lift in tracked transactions, and a stout 20% overall program lift.

Overall, the session was well-attended and post session, an interactive Q&A opened up during which Jenny and Deirdre fielded thoughtful questions from the advertisers and publishers in attendance.       

More on Cross-Device at CJU17

Interested in hearing more? At CJU17 Deirdre will discuss more on Cross-Device, further digging into the data to understand what consumer behavior means for recalibrating management strategies.

Topics: Events, Innovation

CJ’s Cross-Device solution allows advertisers and publishers to recognize growth and efficiency by identifying partnerships that engage their target audiences. By unlocking and uncovering performance that is occurring in multi-device customer journeys, affiliate marketers can now begin to better understand what influences different customers during the path to purchase.
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