Get Accepted into More Programs, More Often

Sep 21, 2015
Written by George Yuhba

Have you tried applying to an advertiser's program only to be stuck in "pending" forever or, worse, swiftly declined? It's a frustration that many affiliate marketers experience. We spoke to several publishers and advertisers about what publishers can do to ensure better reception, and listed the top tips below:

Pitch Yourself

In your profile description, CJ requires a minimum of 250 characters. While many publishers technically manage to meet the character count, that isn't enough. Think of your description as an enthralling pitch for a great movie! This is your opportunity to excite the advertiser about working with you. Answer the following:

If you have any collateral with demographic or traffic information, upload it to the "Documents" area at the bottom of your network profile.

  • Who are you in relation to the company you represent? What is your role?

  • Where do you promote your site (and hence, the advertiser)? How do you solicit traffic?

  • Why should the advertiser work with you?


Reveal Promo Method(s)

The network profile lists 11 promotional methods from which to choose. You're required to pick at least one, but you're encouraged to choose all that apply. Do you have a coupon site that employs both paid search and social media? Make sure to mark them all.

If you have a mobile app, state the name of your app and the name of the platform host (associated with iPhone, iPad, and Android.) The more you tell the advertiser about what you do, the more likely they'll want to work with you.


Disclose All Sites

Many publishers only list one website in their account when they actually promote on multiple sites. It behooves you to disclose all the sites with which you're affiliated. It's easy to create a list of sites from the Account tab (and archive, if you no longer own them).


Apply to Advertisers You Will Promote

Advertisers see hundred—if not thousands—of publisher applications in a week. If you do not plan to promote an advertiser, don't apply to their program. It saves the advertiser time and you will have fewer advertisers to review on your "active" list.


See, it's not so bad after all. Just follow these easy tips, and you'll be accepted into more and more programs before you know it!

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