Industry Report Proves Value of Affiliate Channel

Aug 1, 2019
Written by CJ

Non-profit trade association, the Performance Marketing Association (PMA), announced the release of the first-ever, highly anticipated industry-wide study on the size of performance marketing.

The study, which will be available to PMA members on August 7th, compiles anonymized data and publicly available information from eight major affiliate networks and platforms, including CJ, and required "an unprecedented level of cooperation across the industry," according to Rachel Honoway, PMA Board of Directors President. "With a fair amount of trust and a common goal, our members came together to produce the one thing that this industry has lacked for decades: a concretely stated value."

Proving the value of the performance marketing industry as a whole has been a big focus for industry leaders, including CJ President, Mayur Kshetramade:

"The affiliate channel continues to be a profitable one for marketers, providing a variety of relevant ways for brands to engage their consumers—and the data in this report proves it. This report further validates CJ's longstanding commitment to innovation, transparency, and data-driven strategies that drive omnichannel growth—all while accurately proving the incrementality of the channel."


A Sneak Peek at the Findings

  • Spend on performance marketing in the United States in 2018 is estimated to have been over $6 billion.
  • The highest ad spend by affiliate type was Content and Bloggers at 39%.
  • Performance marketing has a ROAS average of 12:1 based solely on network results, excluding financial institutions.
  • Retail accounted for 50% of total spend by sector.


Mark Your Calendar for these Key Dates

Wednesday, August 7th, 11 am EST – The whitepaper will be available for download for members on the PMA website.

Wednesday, August 7th, 12 pm EST – PMA member webinar promoting Industry Survey and Research results: “Performance Marketing Study: 2018. Taking the Pulse of Performance Marketing in the US”. Register for the webinar here.

Monday, August 12th, 2:15 pm EST – PMA Industry Survey and Research results session at Affiliate Summit East hosted by Tricia Meyer.

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