Make the Most of Your One Bio Link with Linktree

Dec 21, 2020
Written by George Yuhba

Many of the largest social networks like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snap allow influencers only one link in their profile bios.

For influencers that need to promote multiple products, services, and their own profile links, the one link option can be limiting and troublesome. CJ’s newest partner, Linktree, is the go-to solution for CJ influencers to make the most of their one bio link by creating a page that links out to all of their other online destinations. This is a great option for influencers in CJ to expand their revenue potential by linking to multiple advertiser programs from one Linktree. 

"Influencers today need to juggle maintaining a constantly growing list of online profiles with fresh content while managing to drive results for their clients. Linktree makes it as easy as possible to connect your audience to all of these locations with just one link. Now with Linktree and CJ's collaboration, you can just tell your audience to check out your "Linktree in bio" and rest assured that you are always pointing them to the right CJ link alongside your other profiles." 


Nick Rizzuto, Strategic Partnerships, Linktree


Adding CJ Links to Your Linktree Page

First up, create your Linktree account! If you don't have one already, starting an account is simple and efficient—the Linktree sign up process takes minutes to set up on their registration page.

Once you've logged into your Linktree admin page, you'll need to do the following:


  1. Click “Add New Link”
  2. Add a “Title” which can be the name of a product, the name of the brand, or even a coupon/offer an advertiser has available!
  3. Add the CJ “Click URL” version of the tracking code from the CJ interface or by using CJ’s Deep Link Generator to the Link section (where “ is located).
  1. The link will be added to your Linktree page.



Cool Features with Linktree PRO

Linktree PRO, the paid version of the service, gives CJ users several other benefits including:


Link Scheduling – You can add start and end dates to your links. Instead of manually publishing or removing offer links after the offer is over, you can schedule these links to automatically appear or disappear on a certain date. This is beneficial in helping you promote many offers to your followers while keeping all of your Linktree content relevant.

Leap Links – If there is a special promotion with an advertiser for a short period of time, Linktree allows you to schedule a “leap”, which temporarily redirects anyone that clicks on your Linktree to a specific link for a period of time that you set. This is a great option if you have a limited-time promotion with a specific program at CJ or if you want to test sending links directly to an advertiser for a couple of hours. Once the Leap Link period is over, your visitors will no longer be brought to the link for your promotion and will once again see your full Linktree.

Priority Link – You can add effects to one of your links to make it pop and drive more traffic to it. This is a great way to grab your visitors attention on whatever link is most important to you at that time.

Additional Customization & Analytics – Linktree PRO also comes with the ability to further customize your Linktree’s design and to access advanced analytics that show how many clicks and views your Linktree is generating, as well as where those clicks are coming from. 


By using Linktree, you can be certain that your CJ links are always available to your audience across your social channels like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snap, and more! You can join millions of influencers who are using Linktree to amplify their links and grow their audience by visiting Linktree’s guide for Influencers





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