Instagram Opens the Door for Affiliate Marketing at Scale

Nov 1, 2021
Written by CJ

Big news from Instagram, just in time for the Q4 peak shopping season – all publishers with Instagram accounts can now earn commissions on purchases made through affiliate links on Instagram Stories.

All Instagram accounts are now able to add affiliate links to their Stories using the link sticker feature. This update benefits Instagram accounts of all sizes and types, including affiliate publishers that want to share content in stories linking out to brands, or deep linking to specific products—with CJ tracking preserved. Previously, generating sales for brands and earning commissions on purchases was limited to accounts with greater than 10,000 followers.


What does this mean for partnerships?

Publishers and content creators of all sizes can easily get in front of Instagram audiences, drive sales and earn commissions, opening additional ways to strengthen partnerships, with full transaction-level insights in CJ’s platform reporting.


What actions should you take in your CJ account? Tap into CJ’s Partnership with CreatorIQ

Publishers, be sure to showcase all of your social media metrics in-platform powered by our partnership with CreatorIQ. You can feel confident knowing that CJ brands have a full picture of your reach across social media platforms. Make the most of this new feature and ensure that you look your best for prospective advertisers by registering all of your social media handles under your Promotional Properties.

Visit our Support Center for instructions on reviewing your joined advertiser partners, how to pull CJ links, posting links on social media, and understanding your performance.

Advertisers, your CJ account gives you direct access to a data-backed, intuitive workflow for inviting publishers with social media followers into your affiliate program through our Recruit Partners tool. Filter your partner keyword searches by Property Type > Social to see reach metrics by registered property.


Elevating Award-Winning Content & Influencer Marketing

CJ and CreatorIQ partnered in February of 2021 to marry the power of CIQ’s real-time reach, audience, and engagement data across social platforms with CJ publisher profiles and performance data to better inform campaign opportunities and find the very best publishers to meet brand goals.

“This Instagram update opens up the world to a lot more possible creators and influencers who can monetize their content and/or drive affiliate sales for brands they want to work with.  Also, budgets can now be used accordingly to pay for and work with actual conversions at the e-commerce level, and also tap into influencers for brand awareness campaigns—helping to meet brand goals in multiple ways.”

- Jason Jay Sharma, VP of Product, CreatorIQ


If you're not already working with CJ, join today to get up and running with these Instagram updates. 

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