Publishers: Display Your Diverse-Owned Identity with Sertify

Sep 28, 2022
Written by CJ

CJ is continuously striving to provide more meaningful and robust opportunities for our small, diverse-owned network partners.

It’s no secret that trials, tribulations, and unexpected challenges have been felt dramatically around the world over the last few years. From global pandemics, government shutdowns, and soaring inflation—small businesses have taken the hardest hit during these bizarre times. One silver lining of the sad and intense events of the last few years has been the increased commitment from brands and demand from shoppers to diversify, focus on equity, and be more inclusive.


Supporting Diverse Entrepreneurs on Their Growth Journeys

In a recent survey, McKinsey & Company found that two out of three Americans said that their social values shape their shopping choices—including supporting diverse-owned businesses. They've estimated the number of US consumers who believe retailers should actively support Black-owned businesses and brands at over a hundred million shoppers.

For advertisers, partnering with publishers with diverse backgrounds and experiences has never been more crucial. And helping diverse-owned publishers get discovered in the CJ network—and get more recognition and growth as a result—is something we care deeply about. We’re proud of how our community is filled with individuals with unique cultural backgrounds and social upbringings who bring unparalleled knowledge, rich experience, and unique perspectives to our network.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our newest strategic partnership with diverse badging network, Sertify—plus, a special discount exclusively for CJ publishers when you apply through your CJ account.


Get Sertify. Get Discovered. Amplify Growth.

Our partnership with Sertify offers a more meaningful, authentic, and impactful way to connect small and diverse-owned publishers with CJ advertisers to amplify growth.

North America-based publishers can get Sertify and identify their businesses as diverse-owned in the following categories (with the option to receive multiple badges): Small Business, Woman-Owned, LGBTQ-Owned, Disability-Owned, Veteran-Owned, Minority-Owned, Asian-Owned, Black-Owned, Hispanic-Owned, and Native American-Owned.cj-affiliate-2022-sertify-badges

Once Sertify goes through its verification process, your business will receive a small or diverse-owned badge that you can proudly display both on and offline to share your identity, encourage inclusion, and strengthen new and existing partnerships.

Publishers will be able to submit for Sertify through CJ, and advertisers will be able to discover new publishers that fit into their greater inclusion strategy.

Receive exclusive pricing for the first year when you Sertify through CJ and immediately amplify your discoverability to thousands of advertisers looking to strategically partner with diverse-owned entrepreneurs and businesses like yours! Apply online in minutes and get approved in a matter of days. Note: Sub-affiliate networks are not eligible for Sertify through CJ at this time.

CJ publishers, log in to CJ to determine if you’re a fit! Not yet a CJ publisher? Sign up now!

Advertisers, reach out to CJ to find out which publishers have their Sertify badge.

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