Celebrating Black Business Month

Aug 24, 2021
Written by CJ

According to the US Census Bureau, Black businesses account for 124,551 of the estimated 2.8 million US businesses, and while the country grows more diverse, the pace of these businesses hasn’t kept up with the population.

To focus attention on the needs of Black business owners and showcase the importance of Black businesses to economic growth, entrepreneur Frederick E. Jordan and executive John William Templeton sought to have August recognized as National Black Business Month. Throughout the month of August and beyond, we encourage CJ advertisers and publishers to celebrate and promote Black-owned businesses.


Use Keywords to Identify Your Brand as Black-Owned or to Find New Partners

CJ makes it simple to discover and promote diverse partners through CJ’s Recruit Partners Tool, which features smart keyword search functionality that returns relevant matches based on a publisher’s promotional properties and network profile information.

  • Publishers can identify what sets them apart by using keywords in their network profile to highlight anything from unique audience statistics, minority-owned status, or social justice-themed content.
  • Advertisers can now easily find these publishers to recruit to their programs by searching relevant keywords.

A Spotlight on Black-Owned Publishers

We made use of this keyword functionality to find and spotlight a few publishers that are Black-owned or serve the Black community. To find more Black-owned publishers available to you, visit Publishers > Recruit Partners in the CJ Account Manager.

ESSENCE Communications is a media company dedicated to Black women and inspires a global audience of more than 17 million through diverse storytelling and immersive original content. With a multi-platform presence in publishing, experiential and online, ESSENCE encompasses its signature magazine, digital, video and social platforms, television specials, books as well as live events, including Black Women in Music, Black Women in Hollywood, Street Style and the ESSENCE Festival. Essence Communications is owned by Essence Ventures, an independent African American owned company focused on merging content, community, and commerce to meet the evolving cultural and lifestyle needs of people of color.

Beyond Black & White is an online magazine geared toward educated and upwardly mobile black women. They cover lifestyle, travel, health, gardening, and relationships and have been featured in USA Today, Cosmopolitan, CLUTCH magazine, CNN, and more. Christelyn Karazin, the publisher of the site, is co-author of critically acclaimed book, "Swirling," and is an expert in interracial relationships.

Inclusive Story Time is an Instagram account and website focused on promoting picture books that center on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, as well as LGBTQ+ and Disabled People. This includes books with diverse characters, authors, and illustrators, particularly titles that elevate the stories of those who have lived them firsthand, creating the demand for and ultimately shifting the publishing industry.

Black Passport Stamps was initially created to promote pictures and videos of minority travel experiences on social media. The brand has seen so much growth that they've been able to expand their reach by partnering with tour companies to not only promote minority travel, but also to now provide experiences that travelers can take advantage of themselves.

Pleasant Folk is an independent online platform created by North Texas artist and scholar Rae Pleasant in which visitors can read inspiring blog posts, listen to content, and buy unique merchandise. They also partner with brick-and-mortar businesses and community events to create quality, educational engagement.

You can also participate in Black Businesses Month on social media with the hashtags #NationalBlackBusinessMonth, #ShopBlackOwned, #Blackmakers, #Blackowned, #SupportBlackBusiness


To find more Black-owned publishers available to you, visit Publishers > Recruit Partners in the CJ Account Manager.


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